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WEEKEND BRIEFING – March 26, 2017

As growing challenges face a young Trump administration the market is likely to get a little bumpy this week. Plus, two new global ETF uptrend alerts.

War-Time Investing 101

VIDEO: War-time Investing 101

What can modern-day traders and investors learn from the U.S. stock market’s reaction to WWI, WWII, the Vietnam War, and the current “War on Terror?” Find out in this members-only video.

WEEKEND BRIEFING – March 19, 2017

The bull market rally in U.S. stocks just turned eight years old and there’s nothing but “blue skies ahead”… where have we heard this before? See what stocks and ETFs we are focusing inside this special weekly members-only PDF digest.

VIDEO: The Global Stock Market Rally Continues

Get our signature analysis of the S&P 500 and the current hesitation in the market, as well as the effects of the Fed’s rate hike this week on the U.S. dollar and gold. Also, learn one of Jerry Robinson’s most important option trading rules.

VIDEO: A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying Volatility Call Options

Jerry Robinson provides his signature commentary on the accelerating tension in Asia and alerts us to recent Fed language – and what it may portend. Also, learn the basics of trading options, while watching Jerry buy a call option in real time.

VIDEO: Industry Watch for Swing Traders

Jerry Robinson provides his signature commentary on the performance and outlook for several industries in light of the expected Fed rate hike this week. Also, this industry is exploding!

VIDEO: An Update on Gold, Silver, and Oil

Get Jerry Robinson’s analysis of the downtrends in gold, silver, and oil, as traders readjust their positions ahead of next week’s FOMC meeting. Also, is this commodity bracing for a run?

VIDEO: Support and Resistance 101

Get our latest commentary on this “stock-pickers’ market” and the recent pullback in precious metals. Also, a brief lesson on the value of the COT report.

VIDEO: The Case for Volatility

Jerry Robinson comments on President Trump’s Address to Congress this evening and possible market response. Also, a strategy for trading oversold stocks.

VIDEO: Is Volatility About to Explode?

Join us, as Jerry Robinson provides his signature commentary on the potential change in President Trump’s agenda and how this may impact the markets. Also, Jerry calls a new Uptrend today.

VIDEO: Jerry’s Top 10 Trading Rules

Jerry Robinson discusses the apparent lack of resistance in the continuing uptrend in the stock market. Also, Jerry’s top 10 trading rules.

VIDEO: A Simple Day Trading Technique

Jerry Robinson shares one of his favorite strategies for day trading, and provides helpful information about the different types of stock orders available. Also, learn the pros and cons of trailing stop loss orders.

VIDEO: Profiting from Trump’s Deregulation Agenda

Veteran trader, Jerry Robinson, provides his signature commentary on the rising optimism in the soaring markets, with a cautious reminder that the structural issues plaguing our economy have not changed. Also, a light refresher course on “the pattern in the pause”.

VIDEO: Why P.A.C.E. Could Soar in 2017

Join us, as veteran trader Jerry Robinson provides his signature commentary on President Trump’s plans for a historic financial investment into the military, as well as a loosening of bank regulations. Also, a comparison of the benefits of buying REITs vs. real estate.

VIDEO: What the January Barometer is Telling Us

Jerry Robinson and Junior Equities Analyst Steve Penny discuss silver and where it may be headed in the coming days. Also, a testimonial to the proven value of Trigger Trade Pro, even amid market manipulation.

Is the Trump Bump Over?

Join us, as veteran trader Jerry Robinson discusses the unprecedented move by the Trump Administration in their claim of credit for the 20,000 Dow. Also, a fascinating preview of Jerry’s new book.

The Trump Trade Continues

Join us, as veteran trader Jerry Robinson provides his signature commentary on President Trump and the sense of foreboding in the global environment. Also, Jerry is joined by Junior Equities Analyst Steve Penny for a discussion of our Top 7 Solar Stocks for 2017.

VIDEO: How to Play Solar Stocks in 2017

After many solar stocks have lost around 90% of their value since highs of 2008, recent buying volume exceeding selling volume in the solar industry, and chart trends looking optimistic, we explain why we are beginning to compile our buy list for solar stocks.

SPECIAL REPORT: Top 7 Solar Stocks for 2017

After being down over 90% from 2008 highs, solar stocks may be showing some signs of life. Inside this special report, Jerry Robinson reveals his top seven solar stocks for 2017, complete with chart analysis, commentary, and our signature SmartScore Ranking for each stock.

VIDEO: Gearing Up For President Trump

Join us, as veteran trader Jerry Robinson provides his signature commentary on the heightened anxiety in the market as the world awaits the Inauguration of Donald Trump today. Also, a brief look at the commodities markets.

How (and Why) to Trade Uranium

Jerry Robinson provides his signature commentary on recent developments in the uranium market. Also, he invites us to accompany him as he places a LIVE trade online.