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Investing is not just about stocks. Wise investors know the importance of diversifying their resources across various asset classes. This includes investments in real estate, commodities, currencies, and even in your own business. Wise investing also requires us to take a disciplined approach to long-term financial planning. Whether you are an experienced investor or just a newbie, FTMDaily’s growing list of investing resources will benefit you.

We believe that being “aware” of the economic problems facing the world is just the first step. The next step is preparation. After all, what good is gaining knowledge if we never intend to apply it?

One of the primary purposes of FTMDaily is to educate, equip, and empower you to create your very own long-term financial strategy.

Some of the categories that we cover related to investing include:


The ‘Investing’ Master Archive

In this week’s Precious Metals Market Update, Tom Cloud says big money is on the sidelines waiting for FOMC announcement this Wednesday. Get the entire update here.

Global Currency Monitor

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Foreign currency investing simplified! A currency rating system for those seeking to diversify away from the U.S. dollar.

The P.A.C.E. Portfolio

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Learn how to shield your investments from economic uncertainty. The P.A.C.E. Portfolio is specifically designed to outperform the markets in times of currency turmoil.

Jay Peroni, CFP, shares investment rules and mistakes, and gives his top five Chinese stock picks with immediate investing potential.

Market Barometer

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Is the overall stock market in buy mode? Or is it time to sell? Don’t lose money by guessing! The Market Barometer provides real-time email alerts when it is time to buy, sell, or hold.

FTM Insider Membership

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Unlock Jerry Robinson’s investor tools with this complete membership package for Do-It-Yourself Investors!

Trigger Trade Pro

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The ultimate stock trading system! Trigger Trade Pro identifies buy and sell signals for every U.S.-based stock and ETF, even penny stocks. Learn more now.

by Jerry Robinson, FTMDaily.com Founder ach evening, after the U.S. markets have closed, I personally screen the markets using my own Trigger Trade System in search of the best potential trading setups for the following day. After trading for nearly 17 years, I have learned the importance of doing your homework every day. These markets […]

FTMDaily.com – Here’s the latest list of the world’s largest companies, thanks to Bloomberg. Want to receive “buy” and “sell” signals on these stocks and many others? Try out our powerful new trading software, Trigger Trade Pro.

Jay Peroni, CFP, demonstrates his “Proud to Own” process in action, busts 7 retirement myths, and shares 3 forever stocks.

On this week’s podcast, economist Jerry Robinson discusses why many investors are preparing for a tough month in the financial markets.

Jay Peroni, CFP, shares his favorite retail stocks, and answers an important reader question about things to consider when thinking about retiring.

Jay Peroni, CFP, gives his top 10 stocks for the next 12-18 months using his “Proud To Own” process. Plus, Jay provides seven oil and gas pipeline companies worth a second look.

This is a subscribers-only market commentary from Jerry Robinson.

Whatever sectors the Baby Boomers touch are likely to outperform the rest of the economy. Jay Peroni, CFP, shares 5 ways to capitalize on this trend.

On this week’s podcast, Jerry Robinson discusses the financial chaos looming in America’s future.

Though I get a ton of questions on the topic, today I want to discuss the questions that aren’t getting asked. These are the questions every person should be asking about retirement.

REITs, MLPs, and two other creative ways to get more income in your portfolio. Jay Peroni, CFP, shares his investment strategies in this new weekly podcast.

Here is a sneak peak at our new 15 minute weekly podcast dedicated to providing investors with timely and actionable investing advice. Hosted by Jay Peroni, CFP, it will air every Saturday.

This Health Care Company Is Crushing the Competition With Its Innovation

This life sciences company faces an impressive growth opportunity in the years ahead.

My Favorite Way to Play the U.S Energy Revolution

Are you missing out on some of the exciting things happening in the energy sector?

Could This Irreplaceable Asset Stock Survive the Collapse of the Dollar?

This category of stocks may indeed be able to withstand the financially devastating effects of a U.S. dollar collapse.

Bargain Priced Stock Up 500% Since 2012

Sometimes turn around stocks offer great long-term appeal but often there are great risks.

On this week’s episode, Jerry Robinson announces the release of our new stock trading software, Trigger Trade Pro.

3 Rising Dividend Stocks to Consider

The market has shifted its appetite from high-flying growth stocks to more stable dividend paying companies.

3 Cheap Growth Stocks to Consider

The PEG ratio is not an end all solution, but we have used it to help us find three attractively priced growth stocks that could help your portfolio outperform the markets over the long-haul.

On this week’s episode, Jerry Robinson is joined by Thomas Cloud, Jr. for a discussion on peer to peer lending.

If you expect the 10-year Treasury yield to grow over the next five years, this CD is definitely worth a closer look, as any upside growth during the CD term will be multiplied by 3.3.

Defensive Food Stock Offers 4% Dividend

This diversified food company has many leading brands and the ability to survive the ups and downs of the market.

3 High-Yielding Stocks Worth a Closer Look

Utility stocks, REITS, and MLPs can offer a conservative way to get more income without sacrificing growth potential.

Jerry’s book, Bankruptcy Of Our Nation, is now available in audiobook format. Download it instantly for only $21.95!

In this final episode of our Stock Trading Bootcamp podcast series, Jerry explains some of the most important lessons that he has learned after 16 years of trading in the financial markets.

Led by increased production of both shale oil and shale gas, the U.S. is finally reversing an energy production decline that spanned at least 35 years.

Jay Peroni Post - 4/10/2014

This fast growing innovative company gives investors 5 strong reasons to consider investing in its future.

In this week’s episode, we pause our “Stock Trading Bootcamp” series in order to bring you important information about precious metals investing. You don’t want to miss this episode!

A Way to Profit from China’s Rising Middle Class

Over my nearly two decades as an investor, Jay Peroni, CFP, has made many profitable investments simply by following what’s going on in the world… just by following the trends.

In today’s podcast, Jerry Robinson explains three different approaches he personally uses to trade stocks.

Post image for Market Commentary – 4/5/14

Read Jerry Robinson’s exclusive subscribers-only market commentary… Not a subscriber? Learn more.

Silver Set for Double Digit Gains

(Audio/Transcript) Tom Cloud weighs in on why silver could gain 10%+ in 2014…

New Volcker Rule Bullish for Gold

Gold still looks solid on technical charts. It is up 9% for the year even after the 6% pull back of the last few days. Gold is having a great first quarter.

In Part 2 of our Stock Trading Bootcamp podcast series, Jerry Robinson explains step-by-step how to set up an online stock trading account.

Large Premiums on Physical Metals Loom

The 15% average we’ve seen in gold for the last 13 years should be well surpassed in the next three years. We already see gold up 12% in 2014, and we’re not even to the end of the first quarter.

In Part 1 of our new Stock Trading Bootcamp podcast series, Jerry Robinson discusses the “trade of trading.”

Two Precious Metals Move to

Here is the latest dispatch from Precious Metals Advisor, Tom Cloud…

Trade Deficit: Bad for the Dollar, Good for Metals

The U.S. Dollar has gone from 86 to below 80 while gold, silver, palladium, and platinum are all up 8% or more for the year so far.

How A Little Known Indicator Can Help Boost Your Portfolio Returns

Investors look for easy ways to beat the market, yet most of them significantly underperform the benchmarks. Why?

Gold prices retook the $1300 level, silver climbed back up above $21, and platinum and palladium both gained more ground as all of the precious metals seem to be making up the ground they lost last year.

Supporting Israel with Your Investment Dollars

The Genesis 12 Portfolio strategy is based on Genesis 12:3 and consists of twelve companies based in Israel that have met our moral and financial criteria.

Money Flowing Out of Stocks Into Hard Assets

Gold has already gone from $1207 to $1267 year-to-date, providing more than a 5% gain in just a little over a month. I certainly expect to see much higher prices going forward.