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Investing is not just about stocks. Wise investors know the importance of diversifying their resources across various asset classes. This includes investments in real estate, commodities, currencies, and even in your own business. Wise investing also requires us to take a disciplined approach to long-term financial planning. Whether you are an experienced investor or just a newbie, FTMDaily’s growing list of investing resources will benefit you.

We believe that being “aware” of the economic problems facing the world is just the first step. The next step is preparation. After all, what good is gaining knowledge if we never intend to apply it?

One of the primary purposes of FTMDaily is to educate, equip, and empower you to create your very own long-term financial strategy.

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The ‘Investing’ Master Archive

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The benefit of currency hedging comes into play when the underlying currency is declining in value.

Gold prices are rising in every currency except U.S. dollars as Europe increases its buying of gold. Tom Cloud tells us why.

This investment provides foreign investors the ability to get pure access to European stocks with much less foreign exchange risk.

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Investors around the world are watching this S&P 500 level very closely for clues as to what may lie ahead for U.S. stocks.

While the recent rally in gold has been positive for investors, the ability to hold above this key level would be particularly bullish.

Euro Woes Boost Gold

by Tom Cloud on January 28, 2015 · 0 comments

Precious Metals Advisor, Tom Cloud, alerts gold and silver investors to upcoming events in Europe and in the United States that could have a big impact on the price of metals in the near-term.

Can the newly elected Syriza party turn the country around and prevent further collapse?

And it’s not Europe…

If you are a silver investor, watch this level closely…

Gold is up 8% so far this year while silver is up almost 14% in 2015, good news after both metals fell in 2014.

Since 2013, airline stocks have been in a massive uptrend…

Here’s our latest trading idea…

The virtual currency is down 44% since the beginning of 2015… Here’s what Jerry thinks.

Affordable housing continues to be one of my favorite investments in 2015.

Precious metals prices, especially gold and silver, are up amid stock market losses. Gold continues to show strong demand.

According to the World Bank, rising supplies and slowing demand are to blame.

Oil prices are collapsing. Are we near a bottom or is there more pain ahead?

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Great news for consumers as natural gas prices implode amid excess supply.

This ratio helps explain why gold mining stocks have begun trending up in recent weeks.

With U.S. oil prices recently closing below $50 for the first time since 2009, the consequences are just now beginning to unfold.

What does JP Morgan’s recent silver purchase mean for investors?

Property investors all across the the U.S. continue to benefit from growing demand by renters.