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Investing is not just about stocks. Wise investors know the importance of diversifying their resources across various asset classes. This includes investments in real estate, commodities, currencies, and even in your own business. Wise investing also requires us to take a disciplined approach to long-term financial planning. Whether you are an experienced investor or just a newbie, FTMDaily’s growing list of investing resources will benefit you.

We believe that being “aware” of the economic problems facing the world is just the first step. The next step is preparation. After all, what good is gaining knowledge if we never intend to apply it?

One of the primary purposes of FTMDaily is to educate, equip, and empower you to create your very own long-term financial strategy.

Some of the categories that we cover related to investing include:


The ‘Investing’ Master Archive

Jay answers the common question: The stock market is up and I’m not. What am I doing wrong?

If you are going to watch one indicator for the price of gold for the rest of the year, make it the U.S. Dollar Index.

Get a crash course in options 101. Plus, Jerry Robinson shares two new ETF investing ideas for subscribers.

Jay Peroni, CFP, shares his five favorite winter weather stocks. Plus, a year-end financial checklist.

We are making a few end of the year trades in the P.A.C.E. Portfolio. Here are the changes you need to know…

With just a few weeks left in the year, palladium has finished in first place out of the precious metals for the year. Gold came in second, with silver bringing up the rear in fourth place.

Jay Peroni, CFP, shares how to keep your values at the center of your investment portfolio. Plus, some year-end tax harvesting strategies for stock investors.

This just occurred in 24 hours… for the first time ever.

Here are the sectors that have been making money amid crashing oil prices and a soaring U.S. Dollar.

The price of metals, compared to world debt and the amount of money being printed, is unbelievable.

After recently hitting a four year high, the U.S. dollar index is now nearing a major resistance level between 89 and 90.

On this week’s show, economist Jerry Robinson provides five reasons he owns physical gold. Also, an update for stock investors.

Jay Peroni, CFP, shares how to build a $50,000 portfolio and gives us a look at 20 financially sound stocks. Plus, what women should know about investing.

Gold prices soared $50 last Friday just as supply problems began to escalate.

Jay Peroni, CFP, discusses America’s retirement situation and gives the five fastest-growing sectors of the economy, along with 12 stocks well-positioned for potential gains.

The U.S. Dollar is nearing an important resistance level…

Some big investors are moving more heavily into the precious metals market just as officials in Europe are making plans to impose new taxes on wealth.

On this week’s program, Jerry Robinson explains why Chinese stocks may now deserve a place in your long-term portfolio more than ever before. Plus, an update for precious metals investors.

Jay Peroni, CFP, discusses how to prepare for retirement, explains how he finds stocks on sale, and shares 15 attractively priced stocks.

The strong U.S. dollar is hurting our commodity and precious metal positions within the P.A.C.E. Portfolio. Here are the buy and sell actions we are taking today to reduce downside risk.

TOM CLOUD: The silver supply problems have just begun as buying pressure explodes…

Jay Peroni tells why stocks will continue to rise, why you should buy the dips, and gives five well-positioned stocks for the rest of this year and next. Are you ready for a year-end rally?

Are we in for another sharp correction only to be “saved” by QE4?

Jerry Robinson provides an overview of the brand new FTM Insider menu. Then he explains the advantages and disadvantages of investing in Master Limited Partnership (MLPs).

Switzerland’s plan to move to a gold standard will be big for precious metals. China and Russia are likely to follow in the near future.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that provides a way to send money from person-to-person without using a bank or middleman. Here’s what you should know before getting started with Bitcoin. Plus, 33 pages of economic and geopolitical insights!

Jay Peroni, CFP, provides his view on the market and whether it has recently bottomed. He also gives you 7 Fall Financial Reminders to complete before year’s end.

Student pro-democracy uprising in Hong Kong is positive for gold prices.

On this episode, Jerry and Jennifer Robinson discuss how you can have financial peace in your marriage.

Jay Peroni, CFP, discusses how to deal with wild stock market swings and explains his unique strategy to invest in the nation of Israel.

In the P.A.C.E. Portfolio, we are cutting loose some of our weaker positions and adding four positions we believe will perform better in the current environment.

Precious metals have topped the stock market so far this year.

With a massive market sell-off, should you still be buying? Jay Peroni, CFP, shares 10 oversold stocks that are poised to bounce higher.

Gold price has stabilized as China continues to make large gold purchases.

On this week’s podcast, Jerry Robinson shares his simple approach to investing in U.S. stocks and explains why a stock market collapse could be a very profitable event for those who understand trends.

Jay Peroni, CFP, shares how to survive a market sell-off and not lose money. Plus, Jay reveals his favorite fourth quarter stocks.

Jay Peroni, CFP, shares how to find a great financial advisor using three important traits. Plus, discover seven tech stocks on the cutting edge of their industry.

As U.S. stocks continue their historic Fed-fueled rally, concerns are mounting over whether a pullback is imminent. Jerry Robinson shares his analysis.

Jerry Robinson starts off with his monthly Market Barometer update and provides his buy/sell analysis on gold and silver.

In this week’s Precious Metals Market Update, Tom Cloud says gold is nearing a triple bottom. Get the entire update here.

What should you do with a 401k from a previous job? Jay Peroni, CFP, answers this question, plus he shares his top five “healthy living” stocks.

Jerry’s book, Bankruptcy Of Our Nation, is now available in audiobook format. Download it instantly for only $21.95!

FTM Insider Membership

by Jerry Robinson on September 18, 2014

Unlock Jerry Robinson’s investor tools with this complete membership package for Do-It-Yourself Investors!

Trigger Trade Pro

by Jerry Robinson on September 18, 2014

The ultimate stock trading system! Trigger Trade Pro identifies buy and sell signals for every U.S.-based stock and ETF, even penny stocks. Learn more now.

In this week’s Precious Metals Market Update, Tom Cloud says big money is on the sidelines waiting for FOMC announcement this Wednesday. Get the entire update here.

Global Currency Monitor

by Jerry Robinson on September 17, 2014

Foreign currency investing simplified! A currency rating system for those seeking to diversify away from the U.S. dollar.

The P.A.C.E. Portfolio

by Jerry Robinson on September 16, 2014

Learn how to shield your investments from economic uncertainty. The P.A.C.E. Portfolio is specifically designed to outperform the markets in times of currency turmoil.

Jay Peroni, CFP, shares investment rules and mistakes, and gives his top five Chinese stock picks with immediate investing potential.

Market Barometer

by Jerry Robinson on September 12, 2014

Is the overall stock market in buy mode? Or is it time to sell? Don’t lose money by guessing! The Market Barometer provides real-time email alerts when it is time to buy, sell, or hold.