A Simple Way to Invest in — and Profit from — the Future of Israel

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A Simple Way to Invest in — and Profit from — the Future of Israel

A Simple Way to Invest in — and Profit from — the Future of Israel

Several months ago, my good friend and well-known investment advisor, Jay Peroni, and I were discussing stock investing. During our conversation, he explained to me that he had recently developed a new investment portfolio for many of his clients who were seeking investment exposure to Israeli-based companies. After learning more about the portfolio, which he calls the Genesis 12 Portfolio, I was eager to share more information about it with our readers. Together, he and I put together a new website to highlight this unique portfolio, which invests in 12 high quality and handpicked Israeli-based companies. We also created a new report about investing in Israeli stocks that you can download absolutely free here. (Your email is all that is required for the PDF download.)

The Genesis 12 Portfolio is rooted in the promise set forth in Genesis 12:3. Those that “bless” the nation of Israel will be “blessed” in return. But how exactly can we “bless” Israel? One way is to pray for the nation, its people and leaders, and especially for the peace of Jerusalem. But in our age of financial innovation, there is now another way that we can “bless” the nation of Israel. And that is through our investment dollars.

This Genesis 12 Portfolio consists of 12 Israeli-based companies that have met a strict set of moral and financial criteria. These 12 Israeli companies offer an exciting way for an investor to support Israel with their investment dollars. Put simply, it is an exciting way to put your money where your values are.

And the portfolio not only consists of companies that you can be “proud to own,” but it has also provided some stellar returns. For example, over the past 12 months, the Genesis 12 Portfolio has provided investors with over 62% in returns!

See the chart below:

You can learn all about the Genesis 12 Investment Portfolio and download the free report here.

Jerry Robinson

ACTION POINT: Want to discuss your investments with Jay Peroni, CFP? Call him now at (888) 664-6963 to schedule a complimentary investing strategy session by phone.

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