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How To Protect Your Money from the Debt Crisis in Europe

by on January 17, 2012 · 0 comments

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How To Protect Your Money from the Debt Crisis in Europe

The debt crisis in Europe is getting worse by the day. Credit downgrades, debt debacles, and no aspirin in Greece? The warning signs are there.

How To Protect Your Money from the Debt Crisis in EuropeOn today's show, Jay looks at some of the latest developments on the growing debt crisis in Europe with strategies on how to protect your money. This includes your 401k plan, your IRA, your stocks, and your mutual funds. 


WHAT JERRY THINKS: Why the Euro Will Survive 


Then, Jay takes a look at how to structure and build a portfolio from the ground up: 

  • How many positions should you have?

  • How do you diversify by sector?

  • How do you select companies.

All this and more on today's show.

Your Host: Jay Peroni, CFPJay Peroni CFP - The Faith Based Investor

(Certified Financial Planner, Best-Selling Author)

Jay Peroni is a Certified Financial Planner and investment advisor with 16 years of money management experience. He is a public speaker, and is the author of The Faith-Based Millionaire. He is a leading authority on the subject of Faith-Based Investing. 


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