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Abolish the IRS Now!

by Jerry Robinson on June 24, 2014 · 5 comments

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Abolish the IRS Now!

On today’s podcast, Jerry and Jennifer Robinson explain the IRS scandal and one potential solution to the troubled tax system. They discuss:

  • The latest news surrounding the IRS targeting scandal
  • The likely outcome of this IRS scandal
  • Reasons why the income tax and the IRS should be abolished
  • Why a national sales tax could provide an alternative to the income tax

Plus, Jerry brings you his daily comments on gold, silver, and stock market prices. All this and more is right here on Follow the Money Daily!

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Jerry Robinson
Jerry Robinson is the author of Bankruptcy of Our Nation: Your Financial Survival GuideIn 2010, Jerry created FTMDaily.com with a mission to wake up Americans and share with them the principles of true financial and spiritual liberty. Every Tuesday he hosts the FTMWeekly Radio, a podcast covering economic and geopolitical topics.Jerry has been blessed to be able to lecture around the globe on the topic of economic and geopolitical trends. He holds a degree in Economics from the University of Tulsa and resides in the beautiful Ozark mountains with his beautiful wife and son. Jerry is a licensed life insurance agent. See more
Jerry Robinson
Jerry Robinson
  • http://whatreallyhappened.com Michael Rivero

    You can’t repeal the 16th Amendment. It was never ratified in the first place.

    “I think if you were to go back and and try to find and review the ratification of the 16th amendment, which was the internal revenue, the income tax, I think if you went back and examined that carefully, you would find that a sufficient number of states never ratified that amendment.” – U.S. District Court Judge James C. Fox, Sullivan Vs. United States, 2003.

    • http://ftmdaily.com/about Jerry Robinson

      Hey Michael: Although history sides with this logic many have waged this highly sensitive ideological battle against the government from the confines of jail cell. This government beast is behemoth and merciless towards the empty-handed.

  • Strayhorse

    Considering all the doubt surrounding the role of the IRS and their fiduciary responsibilities, it is time to audit the IRS. Just audit the IRS and all the skeletons will come out, including credible whistleblowers who have been wanting to tell the truth all along. Hell, American citizens may even locate a couple of trillion dollars the IRS has been hiding “off the books”!

    • http://ftmdaily.com/about Jerry Robinson

      Brilliant. Let it begin with an audit.

  • Tanya Stone

    Which of us trusts our state legislature to vote to repeal the 16th Amendment? Both parties will fight to keep it; it’s where they get the money to pay their cronies to keep them in office.
    There is a shortcut: every state should secede from the Federal Government simultaneously. Every state is already set up to be a sovereign nation; the counties can become states, and the legislature and governor take over as president and congress. If we do this, all “Federally” owned land and assets will become the property of the states. We will no longer be in debt. We will no longer be at war. The IRS will cease to exist, and we can disassemble the Federal Reserve system and form our own state banks. It will be a lot more difficult for giant corporations to corrupt whole governments, when the people can reach the seat of government in a few hours’ drive. We will cut the head off the completely corrupt central government. If we follow up by banning anyone who has ever been an official of the Democratic AND the Republican parties from ever holding office again in their lifetimes, each state can re-dedicate itself to the Constitution. and start fresh. It will be a whole generation before we reach this level of corruption again. Perhaps, if we are diligent, even more.