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BRICS Summit 2013: A Rising Economic Challenge to the West

BRICS Summit 2013: A Rising Economic Challenge to the West

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SHOW NOTES – BRICS Summit 2013: A Rising Economic Challenge to the West

Plus, a market update for precious metals investors


Jerry Robinson’s Analysis and Commentary

BRICS SUMMIT 2013Jerry Robinson begins this week’s show with analysis of the BRICS Summit 2013. At this 5th annual summit held in Durban, South Africa, the top leaders from Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa discussed economic cooperation and integration. Jerry, along with his co-host Jennifer Robinson, discuss one of the most important ideas that emerged from the summit: a new BRICS development bank that seeks to eventually challenge the World Bank in lending to emerging nations. While it will take years for such an institution to gain ascendancy, it is just another sign that emerging nations like China and India are on the rise as the West claims bankruptcy.

In addition to a large number of agreements signed by China and Russia earlier in the week, China and Brazil signed a new $30 billion currency swap arrangement that will remove the U.S. dollar from nearly half of the annual trade between the two nations. While these cooperative efforts may sound good, they represent a major challenge to the existing global financial order.

In Segment One, economist and best selling author, Jerry Robinson, provides his insights and analysis for the wise investor and the astute geopolitical observer.

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BILL GERTZ (Washington Times Reporter)

Drone Wars - The Rise of Chinese DronesMost people are aware that America has been actively relying on unmanned aerial vehicles (also known as “Drones”) for rescue, reconnaissance, and special missions. The Feds have even begun using drones domestically and plan to have 10,000 drones flying over all fifty states by 2020.

However, many Americans are unfamiliar with China’s military drone program. The Chinese are building the fastest growing fleet of military drones on earth.

FTMDaily interviews Bill GertzIn this segment, Jerry Robinson is joined by popular author and veteran Washington Times reporter, Bill Gertz.

Bill has researched and documented the rising threat posed by China’s military drone capabilities and tells FTMDaily that there’s more to China’s drone program than meets the eye.

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TOM CLOUD (Precious Metals Advisor)

Teaching You How to Buy Gold and Silver at the Best Prices and at the Best TimesSo, how will the ongoing geopolitical and economic crises affect precious metals investors?

In this week’s metals update, Tom Cloud and Jerry Robinson discuss the events unfolding across the globe including China, Russia, and North Korea and explain what it means to gold, silver, palladium, and platinum prices.

Tune in for excellent analysis and commentary on the precious metals markets.

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Jay Peroni – Certified Financial Planner

Jay Peroni CFP - Weekly Investing IdeaIn this week’s investing idea, Jay Peroni, CFP shares one of his favorite stocks for profiting from both the future trends of healthcare and the growing global need for healthcare. This stock is part of Jay’s All Weather Portfolio.

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All Weather Portfolio
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John Bearss – Retirement Specialist

John Bearss - Retirement Income to Last a Lifetime - Annuities and Life InsuranceThis week, Retirement Specialist John Bearss answers a listener question: What is the 2013 Max 401k Contribution Limit?

John provides the answer and shares six benefits of contributing to your employer’s 401(k) plan.

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