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Central Banks Gone Wild: The Historic Bank of Japan Intervention

by FTMDaily.com on April 6, 2013

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SHOW NOTES – Central Banks Gone Wild: The Historic Bank of Japan Intervention

Plus, a market update for precious metals investors


Jerry Robinson’s Analysis and Commentary

The Historic Bank of Japan Intervention

Jerry Robinson begins this week’s show with his analysis of the historic amount of money printing announced by the Bank of Japan this week. This week, the Bank of Japan has promised to unleash the largest amount of monetary stimulus in history during their policy meeting this week. In his first official policy meeting, the new governor of the BOJ, Haruhiko Kuroda announced a doubling of Japan’s monetary base by the end of 2014.

The new policy moves will require the Bank of Japan to purchase approximately 70% of all long-term government bonds issued by the Japanese government every single month.

What does it mean and will it impact you?

In Segment One, economist and best selling author, Jerry Robinson, provides his insights and analysis for the wise investor and the astute geopolitical observer.



The Orwellian Aspects of Google Glass

An Interview with Nick Pickles (Big Brother Watch UK)

The Orwellian Aspects of Google Glass Display TechnologyThere is quite a bit of excitement building in the technology industry regarding one of Google’s latest inventions: Google Glass. The head-mounted wearable computer can record video, take pictures, and even broadcast your images and videos in real-time to the rest of the world.

I’ll be joined by the head of Big Brother Watch, Nick Pickles, from his office in London to give us a run-down on why you should be concerned about this new technology.

Listen to the Interview >>

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Financial Radio Show Host - Jerry Robinson

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Where to Buy Gold - Tom Cloud

Precious Metals Market Update

Tom Cloud, Precious Metals Expert (Turamali, Inc., President)

Thomas Cloud is the Chairman of the Board of Turamali, Inc. and has a long and successful advisory track record in both financial planning and tangible assets. His expertise as an financial counselor and thorough knowledge of the products he recommends has attracted an impressive list of individuals and major institutions from across the United States. Since 1977, Mr. Cloud has devoted his attention to all areas of tangible asset investing offering a “hands on” approach to each and every Turamali, Inc. client. For more information about Precious Metals Investing, click here.

Insurance and Annuities with John Bearss

The Retirement Minute with John Bearss

John Bearss, Retirement Specialist

John R. Bearss is a Retirement Specialist with over 25 years experience. His specialty is helping clients who are nearing retirement to generate a lifetime stream of income.

Investing Insights with Jay Peroni

Investing Insights with Jay Peroni, CFP

Jay Peroni, Certified Financial Planner (Christian Financial Advisor Network)

Jay Peroni is a Certified Financial Planner and is a part of the Christian Financial Advisor Network. He has been creating and managing stock portfolios for individuals for nearly two decades.

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