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Gold, Silver Spike as U.S. Stocks Slump

Gold, Silver Spike as U.S. Stocks Slump

by on August 17, 2013 · 2 comments

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SHOW NOTES – 8/17/13

Gold, Silver Spike as U.S. Stocks Slump

Plus, an interview best-selling author, John Rubino, on when the Fed may begin tapering

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Observations and Commentary – Jerry Robinson

In segment one:

  • U.S. Stocks Slump… U.S. Stocks got hit hard this week with the Dow Jones posting its biggest weekly decline of the year.

  • Gold, Silver Soar… Meanwhile gold posted its biggest weekly gain in five weeks, gaining 5% on the week. Silver rose 14% this week, its biggest weekly gain in nearly five years.

  • Poor Walmart Earnings Flash Warning… Additionally, all eyes were on WalMart earnings this week. The world’s largest retailer missed analyst expectations and cut its profit outlook for the rest of 2013, as executives blamed higher taxes and a slowing economy for the poor quarterly numbers.

  • U.S. Bonds Hit with Historic Selling Pressure… Also this week, the U.S. Treasury dept. reported over $40 billion in long-term treasurys were dumped by foreign investors. That is the largest number on record. Foreign investors continue to dump not just long term bonds, but U.S. mortgage backed securities,, U.S. corporate bonds, and even U.S. stocks.
    This summer, the U.S. has experienced the worst capital outflows ever… much worse than the depths of the 2008 financial meltdown.

  • Soros Wagers $1.25 Billion on U.S. Stock Market Correction…Every quarter, institutional investors are required by law to file a 13F form that reveals their investing activity from the previous quarter. According to George Soros’ 13F filing for the second quarter of 2013, he is bullish on Apple, bearish on gold and the S&P 500. Soros bought a put on 1,248,643 SPY units in the quarter.

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    When Will the Fed Begin Tapering? An Interview with John Rubino

    In this segment, Jerry Robinson is joined by John Rubino to discuss the latest on the U.S. economy, the Dollar, and when the Fed may pull the plug on its QE3 bond-buying program.

    - Visit John Rubino’s website here


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    Walter Bradley August 17, 2013 at 4:50 pm

    Listen to your podcasts faithfully every week. Keep up the good work because it’s very difficult to get important information necessary for living in today’s world from/thru the mainstream media. As a matter of fact, the only information worthwhile from the mainstream media these days is sports, weather and local news. I have learned a lot about economics, current events and history by listening to your show. Thanks for all that you do.


    Jerry Robinson August 18, 2013 at 10:35 am

    Thanks Walter!


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