FTMWeekly Radio Show

A Deeper Look Into The Release of The 28 Pages

In this week’s broadcast, Christian economist Jerry Robinson discusses the questions brought up by the release of the 28 Pages and the link between the Saudi government and 9/11. Also, an interview with mobile home park investment expert, educator, and industry consultant Jefferson Lilly. Later, Jerry takes on megachurch pastor Robert Jeffress’ claim that Trump is a better leader than Jesus Christ!

PODCAST: Level 2 – Asset, Income, and Life Protection

Welcome to Level 2 of our Five Levels of Financial Freedom! In today’s podcast we are going to focus in on protecting not just your current assets and income, but your future assets and income as well.

PODCAST: Level 1 – Build an Emergency Reserve

This week, we embark on a very special five-week series dedicated to your financial liberty! In today’s podcast, we begin with Level 1 of our Five Levels of Financial Freedom. Let’s get started!

PODCAST: En Route to World War

In this week’s podcast, Jerry Robinson breaks down some of the latest confusion and propaganda that swirls around Syria and explains why it matters to you.

PODCAST: The Coming Fall of the House of Saud (and the Petrodollar)

In this week’s podcast, Jerry Robinson explains why an economic and political collapse of Saudi Arabia may be closer than you think, which would be devastating to the already crumbling petrodollar system. Later, an interview with top resource investor, Rick Rule.

PODCAST: All Eyes on Beijing

On this week’s podcast, Jerry Robinson analyzes the ongoing market volatility with an emphasis upon the ailing Chinese economy. Later, is America really a Christian nation? Special guest interview: Gregory Boyd.

PODCAST: Will the Stock Market Crash in September?

On this week’s podcast, Jerry Robinson explores the real problems facing our economy and financial markets as we head into the notoriously volatile month of September. Special guest interview: Puru Saxena.

PODCAST: Cashing in on Market Volatility

On this week’s podcast, Jerry Robinson dissects the recent gyrations in the global financial markets and shares how he and his subscribers are profiting from the ongoing market mayhem.