Corporate-Controlled Mainstream Media Caught in their Propaganda

by Jerry Robinson | FTMDaily Editor-in-Chief

HOUSTON, December 13

90% of what we see and hear in the way of news and entertainment through the printed word, television, and radio is owned by only five multinational corporations.

These include: News Corporation, AOL-Time Warner, the Walt Disney Company, Vivendi International, and Viacom.

And just like every other corporation on earth, these global media conglomerates exist to maximize profits for their shareholders. Unfortunately, solid and objective news reporting is often sacrificed in the name of profit maximization.

The corporate consolidation of the media industry has led to a destruction of meaningful and unbiased reporting and has been replaced with an obvious globalist agenda coupled with incessant corporate messages designed to promote overconsumption. It should be obvious to most individuals that the corporate-controlled mainstream media has an agenda that is formed and fashioned by the elites that control it.

Here’s a few examples…

In this first video, FoxNews is caught red-handed in an attempt to manipulate public opinion of the recent protests in Moscow.

In this second video, FoxNews issues an apology for its obvious bias against Rep. Ron Paul after his major victory at this year’s CPAC straw poll.

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