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INFOGRAPHIC: The U.S. Media is Controlled by Just Six Corporations

by Jerry Robinson on August 1, 2013 · 4 comments

Thirty years ago, 90% of the media that most Americans consumed on a daily basis was controlled by 50 corporations. Today, in our age of corporate consolidation, mergers, and acquisitions, the number of corporate entities that control the national media has dwindled to just six. These include:

1. General Electric (Comcast, NBC, Universal Pictures, etc.)
2. News Corp. (FoxNews, Wall Street Journal, etc.)
3. Disney (ABC, ESPN, Pixar, etc.)
4. Viacom (MTV, Paramount Pictures, BET)
5. Time Warner (CNN, HBO, Time, etc.)
6. CBS (Showtime, NFL.com, etc.)

In 2010, these corporate behemoths racked up $275.9 billion in combined total revenues.

You can learn much more in the informative infographic below.


*Infographic courtesy of FrugalDad.com.

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Jerry Robinson
Jerry Robinson is the author of Bankruptcy of Our Nation: Your Financial Survival GuideIn 2010, Jerry created FTMDaily.com with a mission to wake up Americans and share with them the principles of true financial and spiritual liberty. Every Tuesday he hosts the FTMWeekly Radio, a podcast covering economic and geopolitical topics.Jerry has been blessed to be able to lecture around the globe on the topic of economic and geopolitical trends. He holds a degree in Economics from the University of Tulsa and resides in the beautiful Ozark mountains with his beautiful wife and son. Jerry is a licensed life insurance agent. See more
Jerry Robinson
Jerry Robinson
  • Dave

    Now, how many of those 6 corporations are run by Jews?
    THAT is an off limits question!

    • Norma

      Not any more! Our survival is at stake, NOW!

    • Aces

      Amazing how mergers have just created these beasts.
      Maybe that is how we get back at you for the Holocaust. By running all the media, making millions and frying your brains. Or maybe, just maybe, we happen to be good in business and it is not some great conspiracy. Do you even hear yourself? LOL

    • gary

      How stupid is that?