How to Know When to Fire Your Financial Advisor

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How to Know When to Fire Your Financial Advisor

by Jay Peroni, Certified Financial Planner

This past week, I received a great question, “My advisor seems to think your approach to investing is a gimmick and he won’t implement any of the recommendations you have given us, what should I do?” 

Many are skeptical of faith-based investing. I know I was when I first heard about it 15 years ago. In fact, I rejected its validity for about 8 years into my investing career. Then God started to convict me on where I was investing not only my money, but the money of my clients. I mean if these clients had strong morals and values and knew about the ability to invest in a morally conscious manner, didn’t I as an advisor have the responsibility to at least start the conversation?

Many advisors seem to be neglect one important fact: It’s your money and not your advisor’s money. Regardless of where your advisor sits on the faith side of investing, our approach at Faith-Based Investor makes perfect financial sense. Building a solid portfolio with quality companies, gold, silver, and other commodities is a great idea regardless of the faith-based screening we do. If your advisor isn’t willing to listen to your requests, I would start interviewing an advisor who is in line with your beliefs and willing to listen to you. A relationship should be a two way street and communication is critical. If your advisor won’t listen to you, that’s a red flag in my book…

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Jay Peroni, CFPJay Peroni CFP - The Faith Based Investor

(Certified Financial Planner, Best-Selling Author)

Jay Peroni is a Certified Financial Planner and investment advisor with 16 years of money management experience. He is a public speaker, and is the author of The Faith-Based Millionaire. He is a leading authority on the subject of Faith-Based Investing. 


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