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VIDEO: Investor Jitters Rise on Latest Fed Minutes

Join trading coach Jerry Robinson for an analysis of the recent Fed decision, and a particularly interesting question about the future of cryptocurrency. Also, Junior Trend Analyst Steve Penny joins Jerry for a discussion of the recent mysterious selloff in silver.

VIDEO: How To Buy Cryptocurrencies 101

Join trading coach Jerry Robinson for a fascinating online tour of a digital currency exchange, as well as a very beneficial and remarkably simple demonstration of how to purchase cryptocurrency, right after Junior Trend Analyst Steve Penny shares several interesting charts.

VIDEO: Is A Major Market Crash Looming This Fall?

Join trading coach Jerry Robinson as he lays bare the harsh reality of America’s unsustainable debt, and reminds us that opportunities for profit exist in even the worst economic scenario. Later, Jerry charts the markets and takes member Q&A.

VIDEO: America’s $20 Trillion Debt… Visualized

Join trading coach Jerry Robinson for an astonishing infographic of the mammoth American debt and how the Fed has facilitated it. Later, charting the markets and Jerry answers a member’s question about earnings per share.

VIDEO: An Introduction to Trading Gaps

Join trading coach Jerry Robinson for a highly informative lesson on trading gaps and their potential value in increasing trading profits. Also, watch Jerry as he charts the markets with brief analysis and commentary.

VIDEO: Five Trading Pitfalls to Avoid

Join trading coach Jerry Robinson for a powerful lesson about trading hazards and why eschewing them can increase your profit potential. Also, Jerry is joined by Junior Trend Analyst Steve Penny for a performance review of the markets and our top 10 stocks for 2017.

VIDEO: Uptrend Intact After Volatility Strikes

While dancing with the S&P 500 just under the 2400 resistance level, the market finally took notice of the political fallout in Washington. Economist Jerry Robinson reviews several markets with profit potential, including the cannabis industry.

Fundamentals 101: It’s All About Earnings Growth (VIDEO)

With the “faith-driven” financial markets continuing to run, it is wise to examine the fundamentals of your holdings. Join Jerry Robinson as he shares his personal criteria for selecting stocks with explosive earnings growth potential.

VIDEO: S&P 500 Stuck Below $2400 Level

As the S&P 500 continues to meet resistance at 2400, Jerry reminds us to observe the pattern in the pause. Also, Pro Trader and Junior Trend Analyst Steve Penny joins Jerry to discuss a profitable trading strategy using key ratios.

VIDEO: Charting Stock Fundamentals

As the markets continue soaring to record levels, how can you identify inflated prices? Find out in this members-only video.

VIDEO: Euro Stocks Continue to Climb: Tech, Gold Update

On the cusp of the French Election, it appears Macron is poised to win. Jerry Robinson examines this critical election and other current economic and geopolitical events that are shaping the markets. Plus, an analysis of 31 different trading ideas.

VIDEO: GDP, NAFTA, and North Korea

The tenacity of the market has been lucrative over the past few sessions, but is it sustainable? Jerry Robinson is joined by Pro Trader/Junior Trend Analyst Steve Penny for a discussion of the soft data that is driving this market contrary to the grim hard data.

VIDEO: Euro Stocks Roar Higher on French Election

The outcome of France’s first round of Presidential elections catapulted the markets into new territory. Join Jerry Robinson, as he reviews rising market opportunities and shares his personal exit strategy in trading.

VIDEO: Trading Ahead of the European Elections

With tax relief closer to reality and France’s Presidential election next week, Jerry Robinson is joined by Pro Trader/Junior Trend Analyst Steve Penny for a discussion of current market opportunities and the existing dichotomy between gold and silver.

VIDEO: Ideas for Trading Volatility

With wars and rumors of wars at our doorstep, the market is finally taking notice. Join Jerry Robinson for an over-the-shoulder look, as he considers adding to his option positions.

VIDEO: War in Syria and the Unflinching Market

As global war clouds gather, the resilience in the U.S. market shows no sign of weakening. Join Jerry Robinson for a frank discussion of the underlying reasons for western interest in the violent civil war in the Middle East.

VIDEO: An Introduction to Market Breadth Indicators

While price and volume are the giants when it comes to indicators, adding market breadth to your arsenal may further increase your trading profits. We discuss three market breadth indicators (and share our favorite).

War-Time Investing 101

VIDEO: War-time Investing 101

What can modern-day traders and investors learn from the U.S. stock market’s reaction to WWI, WWII, the Vietnam War, and the current “War on Terror?” Find out in this members-only video.

VIDEO: The Global Stock Market Rally Continues

Get our signature analysis of the S&P 500 and the current hesitation in the market, as well as the effects of the Fed’s rate hike this week on the U.S. dollar and gold. Also, learn one of Jerry Robinson’s most important option trading rules.

VIDEO: A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying Volatility Call Options

Jerry Robinson provides his signature commentary on the accelerating tension in Asia and alerts us to recent Fed language – and what it may portend. Also, learn the basics of trading options, while watching Jerry buy a call option in real time.

VIDEO: Industry Watch for Swing Traders

Jerry Robinson provides his signature commentary on the performance and outlook for several industries in light of the expected Fed rate hike this week. Also, this industry is exploding!