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It’s hard to believe that I have been trading for 16 years. I can still recall the crazy “dot-com” days where nearly anyone who could fog up a mirror could turn a buck in the financial markets.

The bursting of the dot-com bubble and the tragic events of September 11, 2001, shook the financial markets to their core. I remember those days very well. The events of 9/11 did something deep within me. It was as if I experienced a spiritual awakening during that time.

Suddenly, I realized that our nation’s shores had been breached. War had come to America.

In the months following 9/11, I dove headlong into researching history, geopolitics, and economics. I was shocked by much of what I learned. The world truly is a different place than many Americans believe it to be.

During my research into the events that led up to 9/11, I stumbled across something known as the Petrodollar system. This discovery led me on a fascinating journey into the world of money and global economics. My research led me all the way to a university degree in economics. After four years of intense research into the inner workings of the global economy, I began sounding the alarm about the coming collapse of stocks and the eventual demise of the U.S. dollar. I was amazed at the reception of my message across some pockets of the population.

In early 2008, armed with a degree in economics, years of research, and my notes from dozens of lectures that I delivered to churches, universities, and conferences in over four countries, I completed my first manuscript. The book was entitled: Bankruptcy of our Nation.

I found a literary agent who was willing to take a chance on a new author. And despite his belief in me and in my book, no major publisher wanted the book.

Then came the 2008 credit crisis which ravaged the life savings of millions of people in just a few short months. Trillions of dollars vanished from the financial markets in an instant.

Suddenly, the book offers started rolling in…

The book was published in early 2009 and the rest, as they say, is history.

After the book was released, I started this website to help educate truth seekers, do-it-yourself investors, concerned citizens, and watchful Christians.

As the website grew, I decided to launch a weekly radio show which you can check out here.

I also released a quarterly investment newsletter, and even developed an investment portfolio based upon my economic ideas. This well-known portfolio is called the P.A.C.E. portfolio. (P= Precious Metals, A= Agriculture, C= Commodities, E= Energy).

Today, investors are rightfully concerned about being too exposed to the financial markets.

The business of trading stocks has come a long way since the early days. Today, you can instantly place a trade on virtually any publicly traded stock or exchange-traded fund with the click of a mouse. In many ways, trading is the ultimate work-from-home business.

Trading stocks and ETFs has long been a passion of mine. I traded my first stock in 1997. I have been trading stocks and ETFs ever since.

I began as a day trader.

During the dot-com bubble, there was a lot of money to be made in day trading.

Today, however, instead of focusing entirely upon day trading, I use another technique known as swing trading. Unlike the rapid buy and sell action of day trading, swing trading involves buying a position within a stock or ETF and holding it anywhere from three days to three months. Swing trading is better suited to my schedule and can be a perfect complementary income stream for those with a regular full time job.

To successfully trade stocks and ETF’s, you will need:

1) Specialized Knowledge

2) Investment Capital

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