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Are mediocre investment returns a bigger danger than an economic collapse? On this week’s show, we provide a strategy to increase your investment returns in stocks.

7 Profitable Stocks That You Can Be “Proud To Own”


Today Jay looks at the action packed week ahead – lots of earning reports and economic data to be on the watch for. What could impact the markets this week? Find out now!



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Then on the second half of the show Jay examines 7 "proud to own" brands where you can feel confident supporting with your spending and investment dollars. Jay shows you why he selected these 7 companies and reasons why he believes these companies can do well in both good and bad times.

Many are in the red zone of their retirement (retiring with the next 5 years) or have already retired within the past 5 years. These are the critical years to make sure you have enough retirement income. Today, Jay sheds light on how much income you'll need to retire and how you can put together a plan of action. He also highlights two key retirement misconceptions that most people make and tells you how to avoid these traps.

Want to learn a way to never pay taxes on your dividends again? Today Jay looks at a strategy to generate tax-free income and never pay taxes on your income producing assets. Then Jay explores some of the best retirement accounts – looking at 401Ks, Roth IRAs, and IRAs.

Today, Jay looks at why the markets rallied on Monday and examines why the rally may be short lived. Jay talks economy and markets.

Then, Jay takes your questions looking at 5 reasons why the U.S. dollar may continue its short-term rally. Jay also looks at 4 defensive sectors and provides 5-6 ideas in each sector.

On today’s show, Jay takes a look at the Super Committee’s epic failure and what that means for the economy and the markets. Then Jay looks at the financial concerns keeping many Baby Boomers awake at night. What can you do to gain financial peace of mind? Come listen and learn how to build a solid game plan for your future.

On the Friday edition of the Faith-Based Investor, Jay discusses ways for you to become more defensive in this market. He highlights the key sectors to look at.

He also provides some investment ideas you could implement today.

Then Jay looks at BRIC investing. Are the emerging markets undervalued?

Lastly Jay examines the latest developments in Europe and then looks at 7 major investment threats to monitor as we approach 2012.

This is another action packed episode!

On today's show, Jay Peroni, CFP, examines the 10 most common reasons why investors don't reach their retirement goals. He takes an up-close look at why people fail to plan properly and what you can do about it.

Then, Jay looks at how you can become more L.A.S.E.R. focused when it comes to your financial success. Jay shows you how having the proper ingredients can be your recipe for financial security!

On today’s edition of Faith Based Investor radio, Jay Peroni asks if we are repeating history as he compares today’s economic policies with those that were used during the Great Depression.

Then Jay gives his insight on yesterday’s huge market rally. Was the news out of Europe as good as we believe?

Finally, Jay gives you some actionable ideas on how you can find good values among stocks using a “contrarian” point of view.

On today’s edition of Faith Based Investor radio, Jay takes a look at how you can make a difference with your money. He examines the heart of faith-based investing and what it means to incorporate your faith into the investment process.

Jay also takes a look at one of his most successful investment strategies – the Dueling Duo portfolio which consists of momentum-based stocks.

And, as always, Jay sheds light on the current markets and economy, showing you how you can make money in this market.

On today’s show, Jay Peroni, CFP, gives you 10 ways to protect your family and investments in this tough economy, including:

1. God, Guns, and Gold: How these three can provide protection

2. How to develop an emergency plan

3. What types of investments you should be considering is proud to announce that beginning this Monday, October 17, we will begin hosting a brand new daily radio show dedicated to your finances. The show is entitled the Faith Based Investor with Jay Peroni, CFP.

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This week’s radio show includes: an interview with best-selling author and successful investor, Robert Kiyosaki about his latest book, Midas Touch.