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Europe On The Ropes – What This Means For Your Investments

On today's show, Jay Peroni, CFP, looks at what's ailing the markets and what to look for in the week ahead. Eurozone debt issues aren’t going away – in fact, it may be several years before the crisis ebbs. There are several new developments in May, including the leaders in Greece and France being voted out. This political shift risks jeopardizing the agreed-upon Greek bailout, the close alliance between Eurozone economic powerhouses France and Germany, and in the worst-case scenario, possibly even the European Union itself. What impact could this have on the markets? Come find out!


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20 Stock Picks For Today’s Markets

On today’s show, Jay Peroni, CFP, checks in on what’s going on with the markets – gold, silver, and stocks all heading south? What exactly is going on? Jay shares his answers and shows you 20 of his favorite picks for this market.

How The Trouble In Europe Will Affect Your Portfolio

Surprise, surprise! More trouble brewing in Europe. With the elections in France and Greece over the weekend, does this spell trouble for the markets? How will the Eurozone fix their mess? On today’s show, Jay Peroni, CFP, provides his commentary on all things Europe. Jay also looks at last week’s economic and financial news and shows you what to be prepared for this week.

Then, on the second half of the show Jay looks at financial planning and why disability insurance is one area of protection you don’t want to overlook.


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Are mediocre investment returns a bigger danger than an economic collapse? On this week’s show, we provide a strategy to increase your investment returns in stocks.

Build a Diversified Portfolio to Increase Your Returns

On today's show, Jay Peroni, CFP, recaps key financial and economic news from last week and shows you what to pay attention to in the week ahead. Then he looks at building a faith-based portfolio using the 10 sectors of the S&P 500. He explains how to build a diversified portfolio and how to prevent too much overlap.


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Many advisors seem to be neglect one important fact: It’s your money and not your advisor’s money. Building a solid portfolio with quality companies, gold, silver, and other commodities is a great idea regardless of the faith-based screening we do. If your advisor isn’t willing to listen to your requests, I would start interviewing an advisor who is in line with your beliefs and willing to listen to you.

What the Recent Market Selloff Means for Your Investments

On today's show, Jay Peroni, CFP, examines the recent market selloff. What's behind the selling? Why are stocks, gold, and oil heading down? What should you do next? 


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Then on the second half of the show, Jay looks at "proud to own companies". How many of these companies do you encounter each and every day? During a recent 12 hour road trip, Jay saw at least 25 companies from Faith-Based Investor's "Proud to Own" list. 

How to Invest in Stocks Without Sacrificing Morals

On today's show, Jay Peroni, CFP, highlights the "Dirty Dozen", companies involved in abortion, pornography, gambling, tobacco, and alcohol. These are the types of companies many faith-based investors wish to avoid. Jay names companies and helps shed light to see if these companies could be hidden in your portfolio


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Then on the second half of the show Jay looks at the recent flood of advertising and focus on the end of the world as we know it. Is 2012 the year the world changes forever or is it all marketing hype? Regardless Jay shows you what types of companies will most likely survive if times get tough.

40 Alarming Economic Statistics: Is America Losing Power?

Is America Losing Power?


Is America losing her grip as the "Superpower of the world"? Is she slowly losing her strength? Today Jay shares 40 alarming statistics and shares what he thinks we need to do to get back on track. Then on the second half of the show, Jay answers your questions: why are stocks and gold slipping and should you only buy dividend paying companies?


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Are You Limiting Your Success? Seven Ways to View Wealth

On today’s episode of the Faith-Based Investor, host Jay Peroni looks at the wealth building mindset. Jay explores seven different ways to view wealth, as well as some of the challenges that limit success.


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What Happens to the Stock Market if Israel and Iran Go To War?

War between Israel and Iran now seems inevitable…


What happens to the stock market if Israel and Iran go to war? How an Israeli-Iranian war will play out in the stock markets is a question we've been receiving from many of our listeners. Will the U.S. be involved in the potential action or will we see a series of attacks and counterattacks? War is seldom predictable, but how stocks will react is easier to predict, according to Jay Peroni, CFP. Jay lays out two steps for your investment portfolio to prepare for war, if and when it breaks out.


Read More About U.S.-Iran Relations… Starting With Events from 1953!


Then on the second half of the show, Jay looks at the solo 401(k), some of his favorite sectors and stocks at the moment, and answers whether dividend paying stocks are in a bubble or not.

The Big Fat Greek Bailout

On today's show, Jay looks at the brand new Greek bailout – is it enough to save Europe? Jay examines three possibilities from this new development and shows you how you can take steps to make money no matter what happens next.


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Obama Wants to Raise Taxes – Here’s What You Need To Know

On today’s show, Jay checks in on the markets as the Dow inches closer to 13,000, the S&P nears 1,400, and Nasdaq is on the verge of 3,000. What’s next, and what should you be watching for?


How to Reduce (or Eliminate) the Taxes on Your Social Security Income


Then Jay looks at Obama’s budget and what sharp tax increases you need to watch for. Jay says “Cut spending first!” Lastly, Jay gets to your questions on faith-based investing…what to watch out for with high dividend stocks, and when to convert an IRA to a ROTH.

On today’s show, Jay answers many of our listeners’ questions. Jay will answer:

1. How can those over age 50 supercharge their retirement?

2. What steps should you take if you’re changing jobs?

3. Why do we talk so much about stocks on this show?

Plus, a whole lot more.


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On todays show, Jay covers 15 investment ideas for this market. He covers PACE investments (precious metals, agriculture, commodities, and energy), income stocks yielding at least 5%, and some top growth ideas. Whether you are a more conservative or aggressive investor, Jay provides some ideas and strategies to consider.


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Then on the second half of the show, Jay looks at the details of last week’s landmark mortgage settlement – what does this mean for you? He also gives some financial planning tips for the brand new mom. You don’t want to miss today’s show!

On today’s show, Jay answers some listener questions. Want answers? You’ll want to listen to today’s show.


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On today’s show Jay looks at ways to enhance your portfolio using a variety of income-producing strategies. He examines high-dividend paying stocks, annuities, REITs, covered call writing, and a whole lot more.


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On today’s show Jay checks in on the overall health of the economy and markets. He shows you which indicators to examine as the markets continue rising. What do the economic indicators mean for you? How do you spot worsening economic data?


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Which trends should you follow, from the ISM to home sales to unemployment? More importantly, what steps can you take to lock in profits, protect your portfolio, and lower your risk in the markets? Jay shows you steps to take now before it’s too late!

Should You Buy Facebook Stock?


On today's show Jay checks in on the latest market and economic data and helps you sort out what to expect in the weeks ahead.

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Then in the second half of the show, Jay examines the upcoming Facebook Initial Public Offering (IPO). Is this a stock you should consider for your portfolio? Jay looks at the potential risks and rewards.

On today’s show Jay gets to your questions. When will the dollar crash and how to prepare if it happens? Then he also looks at Aftershock – what happens if we see a financial armageddon? Jay highlights five steps to prepare for a major downturn.


View our Top 10 Rated Stocks for 2012


Today Jay takes a look at the 4th quarter GDP numbers. Is our economy healthy or is there more to the story? Jay dives in and shows you how this “economic recovery” compares to previous ones and what we should be concerned about.


View our Top 10 Rated Stocks for 2012


Then on the second half of the show Jay examines 5 up and coming technology companies. Which smaller companies have the potential for explosive growth? Come listen and see a few companies to put on your radar screen if you are a growth investor.

On today’s show, Jay looks at the reality that 2012 may be a very challenging year. He has identified 3 major threats to your portfolio. Those who are not prepared could stand to lose 25, 30 or 40% of their wealth.

Jay discusses his game plan for 2012 and how he plans on helping investors navigate these choppy markets.

Today, Jay takes on the collapsing U.S. dollar and why you need to start planning ahead for its demise. Jay gives you five things to do to prepare.

Then, Jay looks at the global debt crisis – why another US credit downgrade is inevitable and the Super Committee actions will be "too little, too late". Listen in to learn how to protect your wealth from the next financial crisis.

Lastly, Jay examines proposed 401k changes. Though far from final, these changes being proposed could make 401Ks even less attractive than they already are.

On today’s edition of the Faith Based Investor radio show, Jay answers questions from listeners.

  • A Doctor asks if he should set up a SIMPLE IRA.
  • A school teacher wants to know why Jay isn’t a big fan of mutual funds.
  • A job changer wants to know what to do with his old 401k.
  • Then Jay tackles why you should "Go Global" when you invest and illustrates two ways you can accomplish this in your portfolio.

    Do you have a portfolio strategy that can survive and thrive come rain or shine?

    On today’s edition of Faith Based Investor radio, Jay Peroni discusses how you can build an all-weather portfolio strategy to be used for both good (and bad) markets.

    Jay also examines recent consumer spending trends to show you how to spot investment opportunities.

    He also shares how one of his own clients, who is strongly pro-life, built a solid investment portfolio that lined up with her beliefs.

    Finally, Jay provides a rundown on some of the latest 3rd quarter earnings reports.

    On the Friday edition of the show, Jay Peroni, CFP, tackles the “what if”… What if Europe fails? How will you protect your portfolio?

    Jay also covers the five portfolios strategies at He dives into how conservative and aggressive investors can find their way in this market.

    Finally, Jay takes on Dave Ramsey’s view of gold10 reasons why Dave Ramsey is dead wrong about gold.

    On today’s show, Jay Peroni, CFP, gives you 10 ways to protect your family and investments in this tough economy, including:

    1. God, Guns, and Gold: How these three can provide protection

    2. How to develop an emergency plan

    3. What types of investments you should be considering

    On today’s show, Jay talks about what it means to be a Faith Based Investor and gives some examples of companies that you can be “proud to own.” is proud to introduce the latest radio show to our line-up… The Faith Based Investor with Jay Peroni.

    This brand new daily money show will be available through at 10:00am CST, Monday – Friday.

    In Jay’s debut show, he gives a great introduction to how you can incorporate FTMDaily’s P.A.C.E. investing strategy in your own portfolio. He also gives a market update with specific stock investing ideas.

    LISTEN NOW >> is proud to announce that beginning this Monday, October 17, we will begin hosting a brand new daily radio show dedicated to your finances. The show is entitled the Faith Based Investor with Jay Peroni, CFP.

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    This week’s radio show includes: an interview with best-selling author and successful investor, Robert Kiyosaki about his latest book, Midas Touch.