A Strategy to Increase Your Investment Returns

Are mediocre investment returns a bigger danger than an economic collapse? On this week's show, we provide a strategy to increase your investment returns in stocks.

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How to Know When to Fire Your Financial Advisor

Many advisors seem to be neglect one important fact: It’s your money and not your advisor’s money. Building a solid portfolio with quality companies, gold, silver, and other commodities is a great idea regardless of the faith-based screening we do. If your advisor isn’t willing to listen to your requests, I would start interviewing an advisor who is in line with your beliefs and willing to listen to you.

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FTMWeekly Radio Show – Do You Have the Midas Touch? An Interview with Robert Kiyosaki

This week's radio show includes: an interview with best-selling author and successful investor, Robert Kiyosaki about his latest book, Midas Touch.

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