Follow the Money Weekly Radio with Jerry Robinson

The Best of FTMWeekly Radio

On this week’s program, we bring you the best of FTMWeekly Radio from the past year. But first, our good friend and Precious Metals Advisor, Tom Cloud, gives his insights on the prices of gold, silver, and palladium in this week’s Precious Metals Market Update.

Follow the Money Weekly Radio with Jerry Robinson | Money Podcast

Why Diamonds May Be The Ultimate Crisis Investment

On this week’s program, Jerry Robinson and Tom Cloud discuss diamond investing at length. The possibility of a new diamond-backed ETF could signal a great buying opportunity. Also, the demand and supply conditions are lining up to make 2012 a tremendous year for diamond prices. Here to weigh in is veteran precious metals advisor, and diamond expert, Tom Cloud.

Follow the Money Weekly Radio with Jerry Robinson | Money Podcast

Why 2012 May Be the Best Time to Invest in Natural Gas

As the price of natural gas has been beaten down to under $2 this year, host Jerry Robinson sees this commodity going up in response to growing demand and decreasing supply. Jerry shares his analysis, as well as provides 5 long-term investment ideas for profiting from the eventual rise in natural gas.

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FTMWeekly Interview: Stephen Kinzer on Operation Ajax and the Blowback from Iran Since 1953

Stephen Kinzer exposes Operation Ajax in his book, All the Shah's MenFTMWeekly RadIo Interview with Author and award winning foreign correspondent, Stephen Kinzner

Audio Transcript — Saturday, February 11, 2012

Stephen Kinzer shares his insights on the impending threat of war in Iran, Operation Ajax, and the Blowback from Iran Since 1953


FTM (Jerry Robinson): Alright, well, joining me on the program today is Stephen Kinzer. He is an award-winning foreign correspondent who has worked in more than 50 countries.  He has been a New York Times Bureau Chief in Istanbul, Berlin, and Nicaragua.  He’s the author of many books, including the best-selling book All the Shah’s Men: An American Coup and the Roots of Middle East Terror.  He’s also a professor of international relations at Boston University. My guest today is Stephen Kinzer.  Stephen, thank you so much for joining me on “Follow the Money Weekly Radio.”

KINZER (Stephen Kinzer): Great to be with you.

All the Shah's Men | Exposing Operation Ajax and the Iran Coup in 1953FTM: I am looking at your book right now—at the Preface to the 2008 edition: “The Folly of Attacking Iran.”  And I would say, Stephen, that many of the people who are listening to the program today are…I don’t want to assume that they’re not familiar with the 1953 event, but I want to assume that perhaps they don’t know as much about
 it as perhaps maybe they should.  And especially now, as we take a look at the news cycle, we see that Iran is all over the news: talk about invasion; talk about stopping the nuclear program (whether it’s even occurring or not is a debate). But the issue at hand right now is, “Should we invade Iran for the benefit of our foreign policy, for the benefit of our security interests?” And you have written a book here that really peels back the layers about this entire question.  Why don’t you begin by sharing with our audience why you wrote this book and why this topic is important to you?

KINZER:  In the first place, you’re right that that 2008 edition of the book…


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