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Led by increased production of both shale oil and shale gas, the U.S. is finally reversing an energy production decline that spanned at least 35 years.

Over my nearly two decades as an investor, Jay Peroni, CFP, has made many profitable investments simply by following what’s going on in the world… just by following the trends.

Investors look for easy ways to beat the market, yet most of them significantly underperform the benchmarks. Why?

The Genesis 12 Portfolio strategy is based on Genesis 12:3 and consists of twelve companies based in Israel that have met our moral and financial criteria.

A number of companies that focus on healthier foods did quite well in 2013 and this trend should continue throughout 2014 and beyond.

Many investors have overlooked the travel industry and are missing out some nice gains. Airline stocks have had a good run recently and I expect that trend to continue…

Last year Jay Peroni’s Green Science and Technology strategy was up 68% and was his top portfolio. Here’s a new ‘green’ stock that shows great upside potential.

Middleby (MIDD) should continue to see significant market share gains over the next couple of years and beyond.

Hanesbrands (NYSE:HBI) is truly a world dominating company. It has had a good run the past few years and I expect that trend to continue as it has great exposure in Wal-Marts and Targets.

This innovative recreation company has thrived while many of its peers have seen slumping sales.

When I look at China, I see attractive valuations.

Microchip has produced nearly 14% in annual returns for the past 15 years.

One of my favorite income investments is Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs).

This little known investing “secret formula” has helped me beat the market 3-to-1 since 2009.

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3 Stocks in a Red Hot Sector

by Jay Peroni on September 19, 2013 · 0 comments

Right now, technology is still one of my favorite sectors heading into the end of the year.

Most growth companies do not pay a dividend so investors, instead, focus on earning profits through capital gains.

This week I wanted to introduce you to one of the leading edge companies in the design and development of mobile apps…

If you are looking for an attractive technology stock, AVG Technologies is worth a closer look.

What if you could find a recession proof company that pays you 3.4% per year in good times and bad?

Learn the best and worst performers in the stock market so far in 2013, as well as Jay Peroni’s “Top 20 List” of stocks for the rest of the year.

One of my favorite ways to play the housing boom has been with this flooring company that is up over 67% this year.

Even in a tough economy, there always seems to be a wait to get a table at this restaurant.

Jerry Robinson and Jay Peroni share their favorite stocks, sectors, and trends for 2013 n this FREE investing webinar…

Here’s one stock that we are using to prepare for the inflation’s nasty comeback. Its already up nearly 50% since we issued a buy signal to our FTMQuarterly newsletter subscribers.

Many dividend seekers traditionally look to royalty trusts for a natural gas play, but I think a company like Rentech provides more diversification and upside potential.

Global infrastructure is a rapidly growing investment theme that has a layer of insulation from stock market volatility, downturns and inflation.

Did you know the United States is projected to be the world’s top oil producer within the next seven years? How will this happen? One word: shale.

Combine two of the hottest sectors in 2013 and you get these 3 REITs….

Cell tower companies are making a killing in rental income. Here are a few cell tower stocks to consider for your portfolio.

In order to CRUSH the market, every successful investor needs to own one (or more) of these investments.

Currently trading under $44 per share, Steve Madden is trading near an all-time high. Here’s why we think it could go even higher in the next 12 months.

As the markets continue to selloff, investors are looking for more defensive stocks that can hold up in this hostile investment environment.

This video explains how our Wall Street Renegade Swing Trading System is crushing the market right now by watching for unusual options activity.

With more future inflation in food prices all but certain, here’s an investing idea with the nation’s largest egg producer.

As the general population struggles with a growing obesity crisis, Novo is well positioned to help patients control their diabetes. In fact, since 2006, the stock has gained more than 500%.

While fundamentals may not have supported a powerful rally in Q3 2012, the policy decisions of central banks certainly did.

Hain Celestial operates as a manufacturer, marketer, and seller of natural and organic foods and personal care items.

Looking at demographic trends, ResMed should be in high demand during the next decade with the aging population and rate of obesity.

We are sitting on some big gains in a short period of time. Let’s lock in
these gains and take some profits.

This often overlooked industry serves 93% of Americans each month. And this one stock is perfectly positioned for incredible gains.

There are only 27 companies like this on the market. Yet investing this way has made a fortune for many Wall Street elites for years. Here’s how to get your 8% yield now…

Here’s one stock that you could by to make money with debt recovery services. This little known investing idea could deliver excellent returns for the average investor.

Jay Peroni, CFP, provides the low-down on this week’s market action in the Christian Financial Advisor Network Market Wrap.

There was nothing new from the Fed meeting on Wednesday. They did not announce any new bond purchases and no insight on any interest rate changes.

The world’s wealthiest people know how to win at the money game. They have figured out a way to gain leverage with their time, resources, and assets.

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The Wall Street Renegade Swing Trading Service will show you how to get $500k worth of investing Power With Only $10,000.

“I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse.”

“Here are the stocks that will protect you during the coming hyperinflation.”

Here are 10 stocks that are yielding 4% or more in precious metals, agriculture, commodities, and energy.