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2016: The Year of Risks and Rewards

This week, Tom Cloud explains why this year could bring greater than normal risks for investors, but could also provide better than average returns.


Gold Up 7.5% Since September 1

Tom Cloud, precious metals expert, says gold is up significantly since the first of September and could possibly go even higher this quarter.

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CHART: Gold Hits New Five-Year Low

How can the price of gold be so low amid Greek troubles, the eurozone’s economic mess, and the Chinese stock market falling off a cliff?


US Dollar Up As Gold Bottoms Out

Tom Cloud, precious metals expert, explains how the US dollar is inflated causing gold prices to bottom out this week. Also, the latest on the situation in Greece.

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Platinum Tumbles to Six Year Low

Platinum prices continued their downward spiral this week as rising supplies, a strong U.S. dollar, and global economic jitters suppress the metal’s demand outlook.


J.P. Morgan Adds to Silver Stash

Precious metals advisor Tom Cloud explains how huge silver purchases (55 million ounces) by J.P. Morgan will affect the silver market now and in the near future.