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Are Bonds a Good Investment in Retirement?

I believe based on your risk tolerance and what you are trying to accomplish with your investments will determine how much money should be in each box.

Reader Question: Should I Buy Term or Cash Value Life Insurance?

There are many good reasons to buy life insurance, but the reason you are buying it will help you determine whether you should buy term insurance or permanent life insurance and also how much life insurance you should have.

Reader Question: Do I Pay Taxes on Social Security Income?

If the only income you had during the year was Social Security income, then your benefit generally isn’t taxable.

Social Security is not just a retirement program.

Some people think Social Security is just a retirement program, but in fact there are other benefits, including disability and death payouts.

Social Security Benefits May Not Provide Enough Income in Retirement

MYTH #1: Social Security benefits will provide most of the income you need in retirement.

Will vs living trust? It all depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

This is the one legal document everyone over 18 should have.

4 Reasons Setting Up a Will Should Be a Priority

Many adults do not understand why setting up a will should be a priority for them. I will help clear up this confusion with 4 reasons to get a will now.

We give you the facts from the IRS, PLUS 6 benefits of participating in your 401k plan at work.

If your goal is to accumulate money for a grandchild (or a child), both options are good, but let’s look at the pros and cons of each strategy.

Is it possible to achieve both of these goals in today’s economic environment?

When it comes to your financial plan, it is important to understand the difference between “Qualified” money and “Non Qualified” money.

When dealing with a volatile market, sometimes the most difficult challenge is to manage your emotions.

Since people are living longer today, the greatest fear that most retirees have is the fear that they will outlive their assets.

Despite media reports warning of the impending payroll tax increase, many Americans were caught off guard when they received their first paychecks in 2013.

Here are five key things you should know when starting a Roth IRA.

When can I file taxes for 2012? Since the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 was passed so late in the year, it has created a logistical nightmare when it comes to filing your tax returns for the IRS. So I wanted to give you an alert about when you should file your 2012 tax returns and what to expect.

Improve Credit Report: 3 Steps to Take Now. First, how can I correct errors on my credit report? Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, you have the right to have any incorrect or misleading information removed from your credit report.

Although most of us recognize the importance of sound retirement planning, few of us embrace the nitty-gritty work involved. With thousands of investment possibilities, complex rules governing retirement plans, and so on, most people don’t even know where to begin. Here are four suggestions to help you get started.

So exactly what are Required Minimum Distributions? Also known as RMDs, these are government imposed withdrawals that you are required to take at age 70 ½. Learn more here.

If you lost your job, how much will you need to pay your regular monthly expenses?

Is it better to save your extra cash or pay off debt? To answer this question, you must decide how your money can work best for you.

The old financial adage is there are only two ways to make money. Either go out and earn more or cut your expenses so that you spend less. The best is if you can do both. So today, I thought I would share some thoughts on cutting expenses.

If you were to go to the Nursing Home, do you believe that Medicare will pay for your long term care needs?

However, for those who cannot self-insure or who do not want to rely on the government, family or friends for your long term care needs, long term care insurance can be a wise solution.

If it’s been more than five years since your last life insurance checkup, you may be missing opportunities to take advantage of newer life insurance policies that are more cost-effective and competitive.

An all too common retirement planning mistake is going it alone. This usually results in missed investment opportunities, sloppy planning, and lax savings schedules. Enlisting the help of a financial planner is a smart move at any age to avoid retirement planning pitfalls.

A common investment pitfall is spending far too much time trying to pick individual stocks that will increase in value. It’s much more important to understand proper diversification.

Do you desire an early retirement? Today, I want to share with you a savings strategy that leads to early retirement. This strategy is simple to say, but can be harder to follow.

Several questions arise as you near retirement concerning your life insurance needs. Should you keep that existing policy in place? If so, should you change the coverage amount?

Make Smart Decisions with Your Pension Plan

“Should I choose a single life annuity payout from my pension or a joint and survivor annuity payout, which will make payments to my spouse when I die?”

How to Reduce (or Eliminate) the Taxes on your Social Security Income

To reduce or eliminate the taxes on your social security income, you first need to understand the term “Reportable Income”. This is the total of all your incomes that is required to be reported to the IRS on your tax form.

We recently got this question from an FTMWeekly radio listener: “I forgot to make my IRA Contribution for tax year 2011. Is it too late to make the contribution now?” NO. Here’s why…

The Medicare open enrollment period is now here and this is the time during which people with Medicare can make new choices and pick plans that work best for them. Here’s four questions to be asking now.

Over the last few episodes of financial strategies I have been talking about why cash value life insurance should be considered when developing a person’s overall retirement planning strategy.  So today, I want to continue by talking about different ways of taking the money out of your cash value life insurance policy and the rules to each.

What exactly is cash value life insurance? What are the benefits of using cash value life insurance as a savings vehicle?

Did you know that most people believe that they are adequately insured against disability because they think they have coverage through their employer or through the government. That’s probably why 80 percent of Americans don’t own private disability income insurance.

As we start the new year it has been exciting to see how many people are taking advantage of the Christian Financial Advisors Network.  I have talked with many people around the country who do not have a financial advisor or would like a second opinion on the advice they are currently getting.

I love this time of year because as I talk with people they are establishing new year’s resolutions.  So I want to change our format a little bit.  In the past I have given many ideas on ways you can safely grow your assets and how to protect them.  But I would like to start this year, developing financial strategies that will help you achieve your goals.