Yemen Exploding: Is the Stage Set for the Big War?

Dr. Ron Paul on the struggle for Yemen: "The neoconservatives... will blame everything on Iran."

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Ron Paul: Evangelicals’ Support for War at Odds With Fundamental Teachings of Jesus

Former Congressman Ron Paul attempts to explain to FTMDaily why a vocal minority within the Christian evangelical community favor of war and strong-arm diplomacy over peace and friendship.

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On Faith and Family: A Conversation With Dr. Ron Paul

On this week's show, economist Jerry Robinson discusses faith, family, and America's future with former U.S. Congressman Ron Paul.

Ron Paul: Every Week Should Be School Choice Week

The best way to ensure quality education is to ensure that parents have the ability to pick the education option that best fits their child’s unique needs and abilities.

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Ron Paul: Warfare, Welfare, and Wonder Woman — How Congress Spends Your Money

The question facing Americans is not whether Congress will ever cut spending. The question is will the spending be reduced in an orderly manner that avoids inflecting massive harm on those depending on government programs, or will spending be slashed in response to an economic crisis caused by ever-increasing levels of deficit spending.

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Ron Paul: Iraq: The ‘Liberation’ Neocons Would Rather Forget

Next time the neocons tell us we must attack, just think “Iraq.”

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Government Policies Hurt Low-Wage Workers

Congress should end the most regressive of all taxes, the inflation tax, by ending the Federal Reserve.

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After 100 Years Of Failure, It’s Time To End The Fed!

We know that the Fed's inflationary monetary policy continues to reap profits for Wall Street while impoverishing Main Street. One hundred years is long enough. End the Fed.

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Ron Paul: You Cannot Negotiate With Iran?

Just over a week ago negotiations between the five permanent UN Security Council Members plus Germany and the Iranians produced an historic agreement that may be first step toward a new era in US relations with the Middle East.

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Ron Paul: Can Karzai Save Us From Perpetual War in Afghanistan?

Under the deal worked out with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, the US would keep thousands of troops on nine military bases for at least the next ten years.

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Federal Reserve Steals From the Poor and Gives to the Rich

Auditing and ending the Fed, and allowing Americans to use the currency of their choice, must be a priority for anyone serious about restoring peace, prosperity, and liberty.

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Chained CPI Chains Taxpayers

One of the least discussed, but potentially most significant, provisions in President Obama’s budget is the use of the “chained consumer price index” (chained CPI), to measure the effect of inflation on people’s standard of living.

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Ron Paul: What Cannot Be Said About Iraq

October was Iraq’s deadliest month since April, 2008. In those five and a half years, not only has there been no improvement in Iraq’s security situation, but things have gotten much worse.

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Debt Ceiling Deal: DC Wins, Americans Lose

A failure to increase government’s borrowing authority would not lead to a default any more that an individual's failure to get a credit card limit increase in would mean they would have to declare bankruptcy.

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New Fed Boss Same as the Old Boss

The future of the US economy with Chairman Yellen at the helm is grim indeed.

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Ron Paul: An Opening to Iran?

by Ron Paul

Last week, for the first time since the 1979 Iranian revolution, the US president spoke with his Iranian counterpart. Their 15 minute telephone call was reported to open the door to further high-level discussions. This is a very important event.

I have been saying for years that we should just talk to the Iranians. […]

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A Grand Bargain for Liberty?

The American people would benefit if Obamacare was defeated or even delayed.

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Internet Sales Tax Could Crush Small Businesses

The main proponents of this bill are large retailers and established Internet businesses.

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Ron Paul: Has The Tide Turned Against The Warmongers?

We have had a great victory for the cause of peace and liberty and let's hope we can further build on it.

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Ron Paul: The Homeschooling Revolution

The Internet has made it easier than ever for parents to homeschool.

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Middle of the Road in Healthcare Leads to Socialism

The ever-expanding role of government in healthcare provides an excellent example of Ludwig Von Mises’ warning that “The Middle of the Road Leads to Socialism.”

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Ron Paul: Why the 2,776 NSA Violations Are No Big Deal

It is time to take a very serious look at the activities of the US intelligence community.

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Ron Paul: Why Are We At War In Yemen?

There is an alternative. It is called non-interventionism. We should try it.

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Ron Paul: Why Won’t They Tell Us the Truth About NSA Spying?

We do not have to accept being lied to – or spied on -- by our government.

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Ron Paul: A House Divided Over NSA Spying on Americans

We should not forget, however, that in the meantime another Defense Appropriations bill passing really means another “military spending” bill.

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Ron Paul: Bernanke’s Farewell Tour

It is beyond time for the Fed, Wall Street, and the federal government to stop manipulating money and stealing from the American people under the false guise of paper prosperity.

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Ron Paul: Let Market Forces Solve Organ Transplant Crisis

It is time for Congress to wake up and see that markets work better in all aspects of health care, including organ donation, just as they work better in providing all other goods and services.

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Ron Paul: New Egyptian War: Americans Lose, Again

There is only one side that the US government has never supported: our side.

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Ron Paul: If You Like The Surveillance State, You’ll Love E-Verify

It is a tragedy that mandatory E-Verify is not receiving more attention, as it will impact nearly every American’s privacy and liberty.

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Ron Paul: What We Have Learned From Afghanistan

After 12 years, trillions of dollars, more than 2,200 Americans killed, and perhaps more than 50,000 dead Afghan civilians and fighters, the Taliban is coming back anyway!

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Ron Paul: Obama’s Syria Policy Looks a Lot Like Bush’s Iraq Policy

That is exactly what the Obama Administration is doing with Syria: fixing the intelligence and facts around the already determined policy.

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Ron Paul: Government Spying: Should We Be Shocked?

“If you want to be perfectly safe from child abuse and wife beating, the government could put a camera in every one of our houses and our bedrooms, and maybe there would be somebody made safer this way, but what would you be giving up?"

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Ron Paul: Iraq Collapse Shows Bankruptcy of Interventionism

It is clear now that the “surge” and the “Iraqi Awakening” were just myths promoted by those desperate to put a positive spin on the US invasion, which the late General William Odom once called, “the greatest strategic disaster in American history."

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Ron Paul: ‘Common Core’ Nationalizes and Dumbs Down Public School Curriculum

The key to restoring quality education is to replace the bureaucratic control of education with a free-market in education.

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Ron Paul: The IRS’s Job Is To Violate Our Liberties

As the first US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall said, “The power to tax is the power to destroy” — and who better to destroy than one’s political enemies?"

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Ron Paul: What No One Wants to Hear About Benghazi

Are we supposed to forget that this kind of whitewashing of facts is standard operating procedure when it comes to the US government?

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Federal Reserve ‘Blows More Bubbles’

We are certainly not in a recovery. We don’t see the long unemployment and soup kitchen lines like in the Great Depression, but that’s just because the lines are electronic now.

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Ron Paul: Liberty Was Also Attacked in Boston

What has been sadly forgotten in all the celebration of the capture of one suspect and the killing of his older brother is that the police state tactics in Boston did absolutely nothing to catch them.

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American Gestapo: Boston Bombing Reveals Washington’s True Colors

The Gestapo-like tactics used in Boston last week by the military-style police forces are just a small sign of things to come in America...

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Ron Paul: Congress Exploits Our Fears to Take Our Liberty

"You cannot achieve security by allowing government to take your liberties."

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