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Precious metals expert explains that things are not as bad as they seem for gold…

As the US dollar nears its top, do you have a plan for your money?

Gold prices are rising in every currency except U.S. dollars as Europe increases its buying of gold. Tom Cloud tells us why.

Euro Woes Boost Gold

by Tom Cloud on January 28, 2015 · 0 comments

Precious Metals Advisor, Tom Cloud, alerts gold and silver investors to upcoming events in Europe and in the United States that could have a big impact on the price of metals in the near-term.

If you are a silver investor, watch this level closely…

Gold is up 8% so far this year while silver is up almost 14% in 2015, good news after both metals fell in 2014.

Precious metals prices, especially gold and silver, are up amid stock market losses. Gold continues to show strong demand.

What does JP Morgan’s recent silver purchase mean for investors?

If you are going to watch one indicator for the price of gold for the rest of the year, make it the U.S. Dollar Index.

With just a few weeks left in the year, palladium has finished in first place out of the precious metals for the year. Gold came in second, with silver bringing up the rear in fourth place.

The price of metals, compared to world debt and the amount of money being printed, is unbelievable.

After recently hitting a four year high, the U.S. dollar index is now nearing a major resistance level between 89 and 90.

Gold prices soared $50 last Friday just as supply problems began to escalate.

Some big investors are moving more heavily into the precious metals market just as officials in Europe are making plans to impose new taxes on wealth.

TOM CLOUD: The silver supply problems have just begun as buying pressure explodes…

Switzerland’s plan to move to a gold standard will be big for precious metals. China and Russia are likely to follow in the near future.

Student pro-democracy uprising in Hong Kong is positive for gold prices.

Precious metals have topped the stock market so far this year.

Gold price has stabilized as China continues to make large gold purchases.

In this week’s Precious Metals Market Update, Tom Cloud says gold is nearing a triple bottom. Get the entire update here.

In this week’s Precious Metals Market Update, Tom Cloud says big money is on the sidelines waiting for FOMC announcement this Wednesday. Get the entire update here.

What lies ahead for gold, silver, and palladium? Tom Cloud discusses the precious metals markets.

In silver news, Tom explains why he believes silver will outperform the other metals in 2013. He also explains what lies ahead for gold, platinum, and palladium.

Veteran precious metals advisor Tom Cloud explains what lies ahead for gold, silver, palladium, and platinum prices. He also explains why he believes the price of platinum may outperform that of gold in 2013.

Here’s our weekly update for precious metals investors…

Here’s our weekly update for precious metals investors…

Spot market gold prices enjoyed their best week of trading since January this week, closing at $1670 on Friday, the highest level since early May. It ended the week up 3.3%.

The writing is on the wall as both major hedge fund managers and central banks are buying gold in large, even record, amounts.

Host Jerry Robinson and Precious Metals Advisor Tom Cloud discuss the diamond market and breaks some important news about diamonds that you don’t want to miss in this week’s Precious Metals Market Update.

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After beginning the fourth quarter near bear market territory, the major U.S. stock indexes staged a rally this week on news that Europe would step in to help its ailing banking sector along with some better than expected economic data in the U.S.

Dr. Ron Paul continues to seek the truth on the gold reserves of the United States. Here are a few videos from the the June 23 Congressional hearing initiated by Dr. Paul. Also, CNN is actually highlighting Dr. Paul’s latest efforts. The story is contained inside.

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Since 1971, American money has been valuable only because people perceive it to be valuable since the American government officially backs it. Prior to that, American money had a kind of intrinsic value as well – it was backed by gold held in Fort Knox and at the Federal Reserve. Some states however have decided that it’s high time that things changed back to the way they were. They’re looking to take their citizenry back to the gold standard.

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