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10 Ways to Restore Liberty and End Tyranny in America

by Jerry Robinson on February 25, 2012 · 20 comments

10 Ways to Restore Liberty and End Tyranny

by Jerry Robinson

It is no secret that the American economy is an absolute wreck.

But our broken economy is just one symptom of a much larger malignant disease that has been growing within our nation for decades.

Those on the right of the political aisle point blame at the the current Obama administration. (After all, we all know that our nation was completely fine until somewhere around January 20, 2009.)

And naturally, those on the left of the political aisle point to Republicans as the real problem.

In the end, neither the Republicans or the Democrats have done anything to slow the demise of the Republic.

In typical Washington fashion, both parties have attempted to deny responsibility for the economic collapse of 2007-08. In reality, their inept policies are among the chief reasons for the collapse. Band-aids don’t solve heart attacks. In order to shift the direction of the American Titanic, vast and sweeping changes to Washington will be required.

Reality TV or FoxNews? There is No Escape

Meanwhile, many Americans sit silently stunned in their living rooms each night, eyes glazed to a parade of “reality” television and other mindless shows that have been written, directed, and produced under the watchful eye of the show’s sponsors. Subtle product placements are laced throughout the prime viewing hours. Each day, Americans are surrounded by a matrix of corporations, financial institutions, and advertisers. And these profit-seeking entities don’t just want some of your money… They want all of it. They promise good health, wealth, better looks, younger skin, and everything else that you want, yet can’t seem to afford. The corporations hound us to spend money. Millions of Americans go deeper into debt every year just to afford “Christmas.”

What gives?

Instead of finding relief in their consumption, Americans are told they must always upgrade to “the latest 2.0, no wait, its already 3.0″ version. Just like placing money on a conveyor belt that leads right into the corporate America’s pocket, Americans have vainly searching for peace and happiness in mere objects. Never before in history have so many people believed the lie that money brings happiness than in our current age. Employees work hard, earn money, and then immediately give all of their paycheck right back to corporate America. Our modern consumption trap is truly a clever invention and is the path to riches for those who discover it.

10 Ways to Restore Liberty and End Tyranny in America A smaller portion of America’s population prefers to conclude their evening with the rantings of televised actors, who make big bucks portraying themselves as objective news anchors. In what may be the ultimate irony, these Americans turn to the corporate-controlled mainstream press for information on today’s most pressing issues.

Turn it on for just a moment and you will quickly see that the mainstream media has sold its “soul” to the highest bidder. 90% of all of the media that enters the average American's eyes and ears on a daily basis is concocted and spewed out from one of only six multinational corporations.

It doesn’t matter where you turn within the mainstream press, as they all have the same ultimate agendato transfer your money to their advertisers so that those advertisers will keep paying the bills.

The mainstream media answers solely to the corporations and the shareholders who own them. They are not looking out for you. You are their prey. As to why this simple concept has not been properly understood by the masses continues to confound me.

Corporations exert excessive and undue influence on Washington’s top decision makers. Meanwhile, the corporate-controlled mainstream media has been all but silent in the face of the federal government’s unprecedented and ongoing attack on liberty.

The long list of abuses includes: the unpatriotic Patriot Act, federally mandated healthcare, corporate bailouts, excessive taxation, and the failed war on drugs, just to name a handful.

America's corporate-controlled media does little to inform the American people of the egregious violations on their constitutional rights and liberties.

Take My Freedoms, Just Give Me My Money

10 Ways to Restore Liberty and End Tyranny in AmericaWe are told by the federal government, and by the corporate-controlled media, that naked body scanners and unreasonable searches and seizures of our persons and luggage in our nation's airports are designed for "our security."

When the government sticks their hands down your pants and tells you its "good for you," you know that we are nearing the end of the American experiment.

Given our current state of affairs, you would expect mass riots in the street, or at least some type of organized effort within the national media to expose the federal government's overreach. Of course, the mainstream press is mute on the most important issues facing our nation.

And it seems Americans have become numb to the destruction of their liberties. Or perhaps they simply don't understand the basic concept of liberty.

I am not smart enough to answer that question.

What I do know is that our current government benefit situation is unsustainable. When, not if, the government begins making cuts to the public's benefit payments, the people will rise up.

Apparently, sticking your hands down someone's pants is one thing, but reducing their government benefits is an entirely different matter.

(Perhaps there is logic in stripping Americans of their liberties first. This way they can more effectively mute the eventual crazed mobs protesting cuts to their entitlements. Just a thought…)

Tyranny is Not Coming… It’s Here

In addition to our economy being in shambles, and our derelict media having been sold to the highest corporate bidders, our current monetary system is unconstitutional, immoral, and entirely unsustainable.

Tyranny has entered our nation wearing no disguise. Forget the disguise, the tyranny that has breached America's shores is naked.

Tyranny, under any name, should be considered unacceptable among those who have tasted freedom.

Sadly, a once “free” people appear completely unable to recognize what is happening.

For those who love liberty, the whole situation can seem utterly hopeless. But giving up is not an option. There is hope. America's origins are uniquely tinged with the sweet fragrance of liberty and freedom. Winning the the hearts and minds of the American people, who once understood the value of personal, financial, and spiritual liberty, is a worthy goal.

Below, you will find my contribution to the discussion on restoring liberty. This brief list is just the beginning. I will be adding more over time. I encourage you to contribute your own ideas to the list by leaving them in the comment box below this post.

10 Ways to Restore Liberty and End Tyranny in America

1. Abolish the Federal Reserve Act and End the Fed

Let’s be blunt: The Federal Reserve is a fraud. It is not “federal” and it has no “reserves.” It is an appalling collusion of global banking interests under the careless eye of the Congress. Despite its insistence to the contrary, the Fed weeps no tears for America’s middle class. Over the nearly ten decades of its existence, the Fed’s monetary policies have encouraged imbalances in capital allocations and malinvestment. The Fed blows bubbles and pops bubbles. It is a game to the elites. But to the average American, the Fed’s bubble cycles represent the reality of unemployment, foreclosures, bankruptcies, and homelessness. At the dizzying heights of Washington’s corrupt financial machine there appears to be little regard for the average middle-class working family.

The Fed is a leach upon the American economic system. It is an extraneous middle man. The U.S. Constitution gives the express mandate to coin the nation’s money supply to the Congress alone. No outside private banks were to be given this job. As it reads in Article I, Section VIII of the U.S. Constitution:

“The Congress shall have Power… To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures;”

The Mystery of the Federal Reserve

The money creation process should be ripped from the hands of the private banking interests and rightfully restored to the Congress. The American people were never given an opportunity to vote on such a seismic policy shift, which effectively shifted control of America’s monetary system from the more accountable stewardship of public hands to the dark recesses of private hands.

The Federal Reserve is the third central bank in America’s relatively brief existence. In 1913, (on December 23, 1913 to be exact), the Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act. In one century (1913-2014), the Fed has promoted consistently destructive monetary policies.

Since its inception 100 years ago, the Fed has systematically attacked the U.S. Dollar (under the guise of “monetary policy”), destroying its value by over 90%.

Never again should our nation be held hostage by globalist banksters to whom interest must be paid on our own currency.

The Fed serves America’s wealthy investor class. The deck is stacked against America’s middle class. The future is not bright. 2014 is a year of preparation. It’s time to really begin saving money and then diversifying those savings into precious metals and stable foreign currencies. Investors should remain widely diversified. Remember, the rules of the game can change at anytime. Be prepared for anything.

ACTION POINT #1: End the Fed. Take Their Gold. Deport Their Principals.

2. Shut Down the NSA, TSA, and Other Similarly Corrupt Agencies

The NSA requires little discussion. It is overly intrusive, unconstitutional, and immoral. The Fourth Amendment should be the nail in this agency’s coffin. However, it seems America wants to “debate”, not “end,” the growing police state.

The TSA is skilled in the use of bogus “security theatrics and routinely harasses and assaults American citizens, regardless of whether they are traveling to Minneapolis or Manila. Some of the TSA’s finer moments include: touching genitals (including those of children), stealing from passengers, and sleeping on the job. 90% of Americans are not pleased with the TSA’s performance. These TSA agents, and those who manage them, work for the American people. They are employees on the taxpayer’s payroll. And if 90% of Americans are displeased with their employees, they should have a right to fire them.

The National Security Agency and the Transportation Security Administration should be shut down immediately. The Federal government has clearly overreached in its efforts to keep Americans “secure.” The invasive nature of the growing police state represents a clear violation of every American’s Fourth Amendment rights, which guarantees the freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures without probable cause. Some will say that Americans who do not want to frisked can drive instead of traveling by air. I wonder if this will still be their attitude when TSA agents are frisking and taking x-ray scans of their children when they enter the school house? History is clear that governments never press the rewind button. They continue marching forth in their folly until the entire empire collapses. Excess upon excess. It is human nature.

One solution to the TSA is to privatize the airline security industry. If the masses truly desire security at the airport, then the airline industry should shoulder the cost and pass the costs on to the consumer. Besides, do we really want — or need — the Federal government stationed in every single airport across the country? Corporations would have an economic incentive to be highly selective in their hiring decisions, as a few bad employees could harm their corporate image.

If the private sector were given a chance, it would have naturally responded to growing consumer demand for greater airport security. Market signals travel the fastest within free markets. Under current government policies, free market signals are being severely stifled.

The airline industry should be in charge of securing their own airplanes. This approach would allow the free market to place checks and balances on the system and would also serve to make the actual security costs more transparent.

ACTION POINT #2: Stop the NSA and End the TSA by Privatizing Airport Security.

3. The Patriot Act should be immediately abolished

This law was hurriedly pushed through Congress in the wake of the tragic events of September 11, 2001. Few Congressmen had adequate time to read the bill. The attack on civil liberties that has occurred under this Act are in direct violation of the spirit of our Constitution. Put simply, the Patriot Act is unpatriotic.

And while we are on the topic of America’s growing police state, we should also defund the NSA.

ACTION POINT #3: Abolish the Patriot Act and Allow the States to Raise Militias

4. The Federal and State income tax systems, as well as the Internal Revenue Service, should be abolished immediately

The income tax is an immoral form of taxation which penalizes individuals based upon their production levels. Under this system, the more you produce, the more you pay. Tax policies are designed to encourage and discourage certain types of economic behavior. Therefore, a higher tax on activity related to economic growth is illogical… if your goal is more economic growth. Governments obviously require funding and they have a wide array of taxes which they can impose – and currently do impose – to fund their activities. (i.e. user fees, excise taxes, sales taxes, etc.) The intrusive nature of the income tax, which literally rips money from the hard-earned paychecks of the working class through payroll deductions is both insulting and outrageous. End the IRS and the Income Tax immediately and force government to collect necessary taxes in a reasonable and moral manner.

ACTION POINT #4: Replace the Federal and State Income Taxes with a Nationwide Consumption Tax.

5. Get the Federal Government Out of Our Bedrooms

The Federal government should not be asked to define marriage. Marriage is a beautifully intimate and spiritual event that should not be dependent upon the approval or oversight of the Federal government. The Constitution does not give the Federal government the right or authority to operate as a morality police force.

If marriage must be defined by government authorities, let it occur at the State level. Each state is capable of making its own laws without being made dependent upon the Federal government for questions of intimacy and sexuality.

Instead of the Federal government acting as the morality police, let the American people craft their own laws through their respective states.

ACTION POINT #5: Allow States, not the Federal government, to decide upon issues of morality. The Federal government lacks the credibility for the job.

6. The Department of Education should immediately be abolished

The public education system is an absolute disaster. Compulsory education, which mandates homogenized curriculum, is unnatural and ineffective. The process of educating our children should be determined at the state level. Ideally, the power would flow down and ultimately reside within each locality. Privatizing education is a worthy goal, as governments should not be in the business of educating the public. It is a complete and obvious conflict of interest. And given the extremely poor results of America’s public education system over the last several decades, its failure should necessitate its demise.

ACTION POINT #6: Close the Department of Education. Support Homeschooling. Empower parents and entrepreneurs to develop learning systems that can compete against each other in the free market.

7. The Federal ‘War on Drugs’ should be ended

Federal drug laws are ineffective and serve only to create excessive amounts of low-level criminals, which fill our nation’s prison system. The drug war represents a major tax liability to our nation’s citizens. Each state should be allowed to determine its own drug laws without the intervention of the Federal government. While I am still not a proponent of outright legalization, except at the state leve, I think drug use should be decriminalized.

ACTION POINT #7: End the drug war. Redirect current drug law enforcement spending towards rehabilitation, prevention, education, and employment assistance programs.

8. Term limits should be immediately imposed upon all Senators and Congressmen

Under the current system, politicians are unduly motivated and incentivized to place an inordinate amount of time and effort into their re-election efforts. This distortion of incentives can be ended by limiting the amount of time a politician can remain in office. We need term limits now.

ACTION POINT #8: Demand term limits.

9. A plan to allow younger American citizens to opt-out of the fraudulent Social Security system should be introduced immediately

All current beneficiaries should continue receiving their Social Security benefits. However, instead of continuing the ponzi scheme of funding current retiree benefits with current payroll taxes, current benefits can be funded through draconian spending cuts to the many bloated Federal programs that are ripe for the knife.

If the Senate and House of Representatives fail to act upon a plan to salvage the ailing Social Security system immediately, they should be forced to forgo their current luxurious Congressional pension plans and instead be integrated into the failing Social Security system. The best way to solve the Social Security crisis is to make the lawmakers dependent upon it themselves, just as average Americans have been forced to be. (Remember, it's all about incentives.)

ACTION POINT #9: Create an opt-out provision in Social Security immediately.

10. The Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision should be immediately overturned by the United States Congress

Laws regarding abortion should not be mandated by the Federal government but instead, should originate at the state level. Each state is capable of determining its own criminal laws regarding murder, rape, etc. Why should the state be forced to take its marching orders regarding abortion from the federal government? While I am strongly pro-life, I am also a realist. You may be familiar with the saying "when you outlaw guns, only outlaws have guns." The same applies to abortion. America cannot stop abortions. Only a truly moral people can do that.

ACTION POINT #10: Overturn Roe vs. Wade and end the Federally-mandated modern holocaust of the unborn.

This list of 10 ideas is just the beginning. What about you? Do you have any ideas on how to stop the growth of tyranny in our nation? Speak your mind in the comments box below!

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Jerry Robinson
Jerry Robinson is the author of Bankruptcy of Our Nation: Your Financial Survival GuideIn 2010, Jerry created FTMDaily.com with a mission to wake up Americans and share with them the principles of true financial and spiritual liberty. Every Tuesday he hosts the FTMWeekly Radio, a podcast covering economic and geopolitical topics.Jerry has been blessed to be able to lecture around the globe on the topic of economic and geopolitical trends. He holds a degree in Economics from the University of Tulsa and resides in the beautiful Ozark mountains with his beautiful wife and son. Jerry is a licensed life insurance agent. See more
Jerry Robinson
Jerry Robinson
  • scottcole721

    As an FTM Insider, I look forward each week to the broadcast as well as all the excellent resources and trading ideas.  This article was awesome.  I read the list to my wife and she said we would vote for you as President.  Where is the common sense of the "sheeple" in this country.  I say yes to all 10!  Keep up the awesome work!

  • L.V. Siva

    I agree with every suggestion that you made. The problem is that the real powers behind the scene know these things too and I believe they are deliberately trying to bring about the disastrous outcomes that we are seeing.

  • Troy

    I could not agree with you more Jerry! The states should dictate what goes on in the sate! The states are cowering to the federal government! Wouldn't it be great for career politians to look forward to social security for retirement. I believe they would rethink legislation they pass! Term limits are a must! 
    My heart and passion are for this nation and what the original intent of the founders vision and sacrifice given. Lord willing may He direct us to do all we can do, like yourself, to turn our nation back to the republic with freedom and liberty for the people and by the people!

  • Centrine

    Reading through your list, I think you should have started with #10. Not because of it’s subject matter, but because of it’s conclusion: regarding the need for a truly moral people. Without them, none of the prescriptions you advise will come to fruition (or if they do, it won’t matter.) Restore the people and the nation will follow.

  • Eddie

    Wow this surely is the best thing that I have read in a long long while. It sounds like a modern day “Founding Father” wrote this piece! Please run for president ASAP! I agree that these measures would save The Republic “from all enemies foreign and domestic”. It has become clearly apparent to almost everyone that I meet that “life liberty and the pursuit of happiness” is under attack from both of these enemies. Even to the point that our government has been taking up arms against innocent civilians and children here at home.
    “We the people” need an immediate redress of grievances retroactively applied to all the law breakers who are in positions of power! Anyone who has been proven to have voted against our Constitution and bill of rights while in public office should be immediately deported or be brought up on treason charges! Just because it can be made to “feel good or sound good” to an uneducated public should not be a pass for high treason. I am not a Constitutional lawyer but I am certain that there are some around that are beyond reproach! Executive orders and laws passed in secret should have the same consequence applied to the offender.
    We all need to make as many copies of this document as possible. And with many millions having a copy in hand readily demand that these measures be implemented in our state and federal capitols. July 4th “in the year of our Lord” 2013 would be a great date (if not sooner)!!!!!! Post haste my friends……….

    • http://transcendentobserver.weebly.com bodie

      A lawyer beyond reproach? LOL

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  • Edgefield C. Johnston

    While not everything in this article is gospel as some other comments would indicate (the privatization of education would be an unmitigated disaster, as demonstrated by the analysis of charter school performance, but moreover, it is also a conflict of interest to trust the education of our “citizens” to those who would like nothing better than to see them become even more mindless in their consumption- I work in the field of education, and, while I agree that it is in a sorry state, I do not know a clear solution, as they all seem bad. another point of disagreement is the abortion one. Never mind that I’m staunchly pro-abortion [again, choosing my words carefully, I’m also pro-choice]. A law that says that someone MAY do something not only does not imply that someone MUST do it, but is less restrictive than a law that states that they MAY NOT. Again, this is more a point of ideological difference- I do not believe that life begins at conception, and I do believe that a woman has the sole right to decide who may or may not occupy the inside of her body- that’s just individual autonomy, not murder. No one would call a man a murderer if he killed someone who invaded his home…) I agree with about 70% of it and I sincerely appreciate the information you provide, and share your articles across social media. It really bums me out that more people have zero curiosity as to how the world around them operates, and thus are beholden to the whims of the powers in charge. It’s also interesting (& sad) to note that people who grow up in our society post-9/11 have little conception of this liberty of which you speak. Thanks again, sir. Keep writing & I’ll keep reading.

  • h5mind

    I would suggest the 800 lb. gorilla of US military spending be included here. Pulling completely out of 800 foreign bases would be a fantastic start. Then return local defense to its proper role within legal state militia, requiring all willing, able-bodied males to participate in training exercises (and the proper handling of their own military-grade weapons), we obviously would no longer need to spend more on defense than the rest of the world combined. A much smaller, US-based professional military would supplement any scenario we are likely to face. Finally, following a humble foreign policy as advised by the Founders of “trade with all, entangling alliances with none”, would complete the transformation to a rational nation based on the rule of law instead of the “rule of bomb”.

  • George A

    Not far enough on term limits. No more than 2 x 4 year max limit. For President one 4 year term. As it stands now, the president is a dictator. Military complex is the biggy. America does not need a military. Has invaded countless innocent countries and killed millions. Another important infection causing USA ills– Israel Firsters.

  • myfree

    Excellent. I would add –

    Introduce election reform to end lobbying and revolving doors which is nothing but open bribery. Have a state budget for elections. Candidates should be elected on merit/experience/ideas and not based on which party they belong to or how much funding they can generate or be included in televised debates or not

    Shut down military bases in foreign countries that are not required i.e. most of the 700+ bases or is it 900+ bases

    End all active wars and future ones only by declaration of war by congress

    Abolish property tax – that one is just not right. We are not renting property when we ‘buy’ them

  • Dale

    Point 8 should include repealing the 17th amendment and restore the appointment of Senators by the state governments as the founding fathers intended. This amendment which was never ratified drains the power of the states and transfers it to the national government. The 17th amendment is as harmful if not more than the 16th

  • come-and-take-it

    Paper ballots. It’s the only verifiable way to prevent voter fraud by the banksters. And oh yeah, overturn Citizen’s United. Corporations are not people and should not be allowed to contribute to PACs or campaigns. Finally, pass legislation that outlaws lobbyists. Voters know how to speak for themselves. Anyone convicted of offering favors or taking them should serve mandatory HARD TIME. Let the potheads go-jail corrupt politicians.

  • Jeff

    Ron Paul campaigned with the same 10 points and was blacked out by the MSM. We the people had the chance in 2008 and 2012 to get these 10 things put into place. Some people say that the elections were rigged but I think it was because most people were still asleep or brainwashed by the MSM. America is slowly waking up but it my be to late.

  • Richard

    The last man who tried to change things, went to Dallas, Texas and came back to Washington DC in a box. All that followed did what the people, who run the country, to do. BTW, the people who run this country are NOT elected.

  • http://transcendentobserver.weebly.com Bodie

    So tell me, what’s the difference between federal and state oppression?

  • Mike Young

    I agree with everything you said except action Point #4 Replace the Federal and State Income Tax with a Nation wide Consumption Tax.
    My reason for stating this is simple, we don’t need a Tax to fund Government at all. How will we pay for Government services you might ask. That is an easy question to answer.
    Every City that is Incorporated is Legally a Corporation, Every District in a city i.e. Water District, Park District, School District, ect.. has taken taxpayer money, to pay for basic services i.e. fuel for vehicles, salaries of employees, maintenance of buildings any money left over is bundled together with other Districts Profits and Invested in the Stock Market for the City.
    The City then receives Returns on their Investments Quarterly. This Quarterly ROI money is all Profit and should be returned back to the taxpayers in a form of an overpayment for services checks , but unfortunately it is not, this ROI money is placed in Off Budget Bank Accounts and has been allowed to grow with interest, and this has been happening for over 60 years.
    The Public has not been told about this money, the MSM has been paid not to announce or publish this information so as far as the City, State, and Federal Government are concerned about the public knowledge of this “out of sight out of mind”.
    Every City ever year is required to be Audited and put out to the State the results of their audit called a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. In every report it explains the amount of money paid for salaries, maintenance of buildings and equipment, then in other parts of this report it explains the amount of profits made from Corporate Investments. All types of Investments from Corporations in the Stock Market, to Foreign Paper Money to Gold or Silver Investments ect.. Every taxpayer can look up their Cities Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports, but they almost have to be a CPA in order to be able to read the report and understand it. This Profit money that is placed in Off Budget Accounts from the Cities all over America could and should replace the current Federal and State Income Tax, as well as most (if not all) of the other consumption taxes on Cell phone uses( FCC tax), foods , beverages, all products purchased that have State taxes on them, gas tax, Tobacco taxes, all of these taxes could be and should be eliminated and serviced provided paid by Off Budget Account money from Investments made by the Cities and States. All Retirement Pensions are funded in this manner, and the Pension have Billions and some have Trillions of dollars in Funds currently available in their Stock Portfolio. Please look up your Cities or States Comprehensive Annual Financial Report or go to CAFR1.com to find out more information What you are not being told is Financially hurting you.

  • Sevs

    Here is the key to the problem why the average person is not in a position to hear and understand the truth is because they have been deceived by their loyalty to political parties rather the country. Just like Esau many sold their birth rights (liberty) for a piece of bread. We should also take note that any time a people turn their face from God by the immoral way of living they shall not escape the raft of God ecomomically.

  • Litalee

    I love this article…Im 25 now…but growing into my late teens and early twenties, I started to have this feeling that something wasnt right with our government. I began to fear for the future of this country, I was afraid it was going to be tyranny again like Slavery or the Holocaust. Even now, I find myself fearful for my future, because America is not stable. But this gave me hope…it is proactive, if we just develope some practical steps we can do on a smaller level to take back this country, and remain a nation “for the people”, Im confident we can reverse the damage done by the 1%.