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“I sell the investments in my 401(k) when you email a RED ALERT and buy again at cheaper levels when you send the GREEN ALERT. This system is perfect for me! My husband and I thank you for your awesome work!
(Tammy J. – Tacoma, WA)

In 2008, founder and veteran investor, Jerry Robinson, developed his very own market timing system to help him identify the health of the stock market in real-time. This timing system monitors 10 key market indicators that can positively or negatively impact the overall markets. Here are some of the indicators that we monitor:

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  • We track what the BIG money is doing… We closely watch institutional buying and selling levels by major financial institutions, hedge funds, mutual funds, etc. to identify the real supply and demand figures behind the stock market.

  • We track the all-important 52 week High/Low Ratio… When more stocks are making 52 week highs than 52 week lows, this is bullish. (And vice-versa.) We have developed a proprietary formula to measure this ratio in determining the overall health of the markets, which tells us when to get in… and when to get out.

  • We track volume levels very closely… Volume is one of the most important metrics used to determine the market’s current health. Major selling on increasing volume alerts us to danger. But major buying on increasing volume points to opportunity.

    In addition, we track seven other major market indicators with our own proprietary formula.

    “Jerry, this new service is AMAZING! What a great addition to the already amazing FTM Insider membership!” (Peter G., Phoenix, AZ)

    Since Robinson developed this system in the Spring of 2008, it has accurately identified every major market correction, including the major market crash of 2008 (see chart below).

    “Your recent RED ALERT literally saved me thousands of dollars in potential losses! Keep up the good work!” (Michael N. – Topeka, KS)

    Market Conditions Alert

    As founder, Jerry Robinson, explains:

    “Why try to predict the direction of the markets when we can simply measure the markets to determine their health? When the market shows sustained outflows and our Market Conditions Indicator light turns RED, we tighten our stop loss orders, take profits, and raise cash. We even use inverse strategies with ETF’s to make money as the overall market falls. Then, when the Market Conditions Indicator light turns GREEN, we re-enter long positions in stocks and ETFs.”

    This exclusive market alert service is available only to FTM Insiders. Learn more here.

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