Swing Trading Watch List – April 2012

Below are our Swing Trade Ideas for April 2012


CIEN $16.62 3 $16.03
IAG 10 DAY SMA ACROSS 30 DAY EMA 3 2% below purchase
TJX BOUNCE OFF 10 DAY SMA 1 1% below 10 SMA 

Trading ideas added and updated often…

The New FTM Timing Score explained: The FTM Timing Score helps you determine how firm the uptrend of the stock is. The score will rank each stock from 0-4, with 4 points being the highest possible score. A stock with a 0 score will have the weakest potential uptrend. The stock is given 1 point for each of the following four timing factors: 

1) 10 SMA crossed over a 30 EMA within the last three trading sessions

2) A MACD confirmation within the last three trading sessions

3) RSI confirmation

4) A noticeable increase in trading volume along with a rising stock price within the last three trading sessions

Possible Trigger Price: This is the price that could trigger a buy signal for us. Watch our weekly conference calls for more information on the "buy trigger" concept. 

* Stop Price: This is the price that could trigger a sell signal of the stock. However, this price could change if we buy the stock at a different price than the actual trigger price. Since our crystal ball is as good as yours, we cannot guarantee that the stop price will be our exit price. It is best to watch our most recent conference calls to learn how we are trading the markets. 

Note from Jerry: Our monthly swing trading watch list is meant to be a guide for trading during the month. When one of these stocks trigger a buy signal, I will update the main member's page in the middle section. Obviously, it is impossible to be certain which stocks will perform well one week from now, let alone a whole 30 days from now. So realize that I create this list each month with that in mind. Inevitably, I will find stocks not on this list during the month that I will trade. I will always post that information in real-time in our main member's area.