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VIDEO: A Step-By-Step Guide to Trading 3x Leveraged ETFs

Join trading coach, Jerry Robinson, for a step-by-step explanation of his unique strategy for trading 3x leveraged ETFs. Later, charting the markets and a friendly word of caution for traders amidst the “faith-high” raging bulls.

GOP Self-Sabotage Sinks U.S. Dollar

PODCAST: GOP Self-Sabotage Sinks U.S. Dollar

In this week’s broadcast, economist and best-selling author Jerry Robinson provides his signature commentary on the major setbacks facing President Trump, the crumbling dollar, and another brewing conflict in the Middle East. Also, Tom Cloud reports on recent news in gold and silver.

VIDEO: A Unique 3x ETF Trading Strategy

Join trading coach, Jerry Robinson, for a highly educational and productive teaching on trading 3x leveraged ETFs to enhance short-term trading profits, as well as an aggressive short-term strategy for trading them.

VIDEO: Get Ready For Q2 Earnings

Join trading coach, Jerry Robinson, as he discusses the potential impact of the release of earnings reports in the markets. Also, Junior Trend Analyst Steve Penny shares compelling charts of gold and silver prices.

'Best Of' Podcast: Trade with the Smart Money

‘Best Of’ Podcast: Trade with the ‘Smart’ Money

In this special “best of” broadcast, we dip into the podcast archives in which Jerry Robinson outlines our proprietary SmartScore Ranking System, created to identify which stocks are capturing the “smart” money. Later, a highly illuminating interview with American businessman and best-selling author, Robert Kyosaki.

VIDEO: Investor Jitters Rise on Latest Fed Minutes

Join trading coach Jerry Robinson for an analysis of the recent Fed decision, and a particularly interesting question about the future of cryptocurrency. Also, Junior Trend Analyst Steve Penny joins Jerry for a discussion of the recent mysterious selloff in silver.

VIDEO: How To Buy Cryptocurrencies 101

Join trading coach Jerry Robinson for a fascinating online tour of a digital currency exchange, as well as a very beneficial and remarkably simple demonstration of how to purchase cryptocurrency, right after Junior Trend Analyst Steve Penny shares several interesting charts.

MEMBERS-ONLY: An Introduction to Cryptocurrencies

Are you considering buying Bitcoin? What gives digital currencies their value? How can you trust a monetary system that is not regulated by a central authority? In this hour-long member video, you will learn the basics of Bitcoin technology, as well as the four different digital currencies we are watching.

VIDEO: Is A Major Market Crash Looming This Fall?

Join trading coach Jerry Robinson as he lays bare the harsh reality of America’s unsustainable debt, and reminds us that opportunities for profit exist in even the worst economic scenario. Later, Jerry charts the markets and takes member Q&A.

Weekend Briefing

WEEKEND BRIEFING: Solar Energy Stocks Soar

On January 25, we released a members-only report explaining why solar stocks could rise in 2017. Since then, our top seven solar stock picks have soared. Read our full analysis here.

VIDEO: America’s $20 Trillion Debt… Visualized

Join trading coach Jerry Robinson for an astonishing infographic of the mammoth American debt and how the Fed has facilitated it. Later, charting the markets and Jerry answers a member’s question about earnings per share.

VIDEO: An Introduction to Trading Gaps

Join trading coach Jerry Robinson for a highly informative lesson on trading gaps and their potential value in increasing trading profits. Also, watch Jerry as he charts the markets with brief analysis and commentary.

Weekend Briefing

WEEKEND BRIEFING: All Eyes on the Fed

After a mostly calm week in the markets, profit-takers came out in full force on Friday leading a ferocious 2.7% selloff in the S&P 500’s technology sector. Read our full analysis here.

VIDEO: Five Trading Pitfalls to Avoid

Join trading coach Jerry Robinson for a powerful lesson about trading hazards and why eschewing them can increase your profit potential. Also, Jerry is joined by Junior Trend Analyst Steve Penny for a performance review of the markets and our top 10 stocks for 2017.

MEMBERS-ONLY: Investing in Water Stocks in 2017

Download our brand new, members-only report entitled Investing in Water Stocks in 2017. Then, watch the members-only video in which Jerry Robinson discusses the ongoing water crisis around the globe and how to invest in this crucial resource.

Weekend Briefing

WEEKEND BRIEFING: House of Trump, House of Saud

President Obama sold more weapons to foreign countries than any other American president since World War II. But President Trump looks set to break Mr. Obama’s record… Get our latest trend analysis inside.

VIDEO: Uptrend Intact After Volatility Strikes

While dancing with the S&P 500 just under the 2400 resistance level, the market finally took notice of the political fallout in Washington. Economist Jerry Robinson reviews several markets with profit potential, including the cannabis industry.

Fundamentals 101: It’s All About Earnings Growth (VIDEO)

With the “faith-driven” financial markets continuing to run, it is wise to examine the fundamentals of your holdings. Join Jerry Robinson as he shares his personal criteria for selecting stocks with explosive earnings growth potential.

VIDEO: S&P 500 Stuck Below $2400 Level

As the S&P 500 continues to meet resistance at 2400, Jerry reminds us to observe the pattern in the pause. Also, Pro Trader and Junior Trend Analyst Steve Penny joins Jerry to discuss a profitable trading strategy using key ratios.

VIDEO: Charting Stock Fundamentals

As the markets continue soaring to record levels, how can you identify inflated prices? Find out in this members-only video.