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Trading Psychology 101: Understanding Greed

Veteran trader, Jerry Robinson, continues his illuminating tutorial on Trading Psychology, with an emphasis on understanding the nature and danger of greed.


VIDEO: Cashless Society, Trump-China, and More

One of the most important economic and political relationships of this century, the U.S.-China relationship, is evolving into a new paradigm. Jerry Robinson provides his thoughts on this and much more.


Two Vital Keys to Trading Success

In this video, learn two aspects of trading psychology that lay the foundation for earning profits from the markets.

Is This The End? A Conversation with Dr. David Jeremiah

PODCAST: Is This The End? A Conversation with Dr. David Jeremiah

Jerry Robinson is joined by fellow author and world-renowned Pastor David Jeremiah in an illuminating and encouraging discussion of Dr. Jeremiah’s latest book, “Is This The End?”. Also, precious metals expert Tom Cloud reports on the current events impacting the price of gold and silver.


What To Expect in Trump’s First 100 Days

Jerry Robinson provides his insights into President-Elect Trump’s documented plans for the first 100 days of his presidency, with a special emphasis for stock traders.


The Message of the Post-Election Market

Jerry Robinson explains what copper’s gain and other recent market activities are trying to tell us in the post-presidential election environment.


How to Trade the 2016 Election Outcome

Jerry Robinson provides his signature commentary and outlook of the stock market under both presidential election outcomes as voting day 2016 unfolds.


Five Trends That Will Shake America

From the stock market outlook to global dominance shifting hands, Jerry Robinson details five economic trends that will impact you and how you can prepare.

5 Reasons Why I Own Physical Gold in 2016

PODCAST: 5 Reasons Why I Own Physical Gold in 2016

Welcome to this week’s edition of Follow the Money Weekly Radio! In this week’s broadcast, Christian economist Jerry Robinson shares five riveting reasons why physical gold is an important part of his portfolio in 2016. Also, Tom Cloud has the latest news on the precious metals markets.