Why You Can’t Rely On Social Security For Retirement



Why You Can't Rely On Social Security For Retirement 

…Plus, Stock Investing Ideas For The Coming Inflation  

FTMWeekly Radio Show with Jerry Robinson - Segment 1

 On this week’s program Jerry Robinson and co-host Jennifer Robinson tackle Social Security and the new "2033 Crisis," formerly the 2040 Crisis. A new report is out that says entitlement programs will run out of money even sooner than anticipated. Plus, with home ownership at an all-time low in the United States, is now a good time to be looking at real estate as an investment? Jerry provides his commentary for you.

What is happening in the gold, silver, and palladium markets this week? Tom Cloud brings his analysis in this week's Precious Metals Market Update. If you would like a free consultation on buying gold and silver, or for a free review of your precious metals portfolio, call Tom Cloud at (800) 247-2812

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Next, Jay Peroni, CFP, joins Jerry in an interview about the direction of the stock market. Jay provides excellent insight on stock investing ideas for the coming inflation. Check out the new video below for the full details on P.A.C.E. investing and more!


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FTMWeekly Radio Show with Jerry Robinson - Segment 2

 Then, Jerry answers your questions in this week's Listener Mailbag. How should I allocate my precious metals portfolio between gold and silver, and how should I make the most of an extra $300 a month in cash?

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Finally, we conclude with the Retirement Minute with John Bearss. This week John discusses a creative way to give to your favorite charity.


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FTMWeekly Radio Show with Jerry Robinson - Segment 3

  In Segment 3, I'll be joined by the former head of the TSA and author of popular book Permanent Emergency: Inside the TSA and The Fight For the Future of American Security, Kip Hawley. Mr. Hawley says that the TSA is heading in the wrong direction, and I couldn't agree more. Hawley will discuss reasons why the TSA is failing and provide 5 ways to improve the TSA. You can learn more about Kip Hawley and his book Permanent Emergency here.




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