Colorado Springs Product Information

Note: For all subscription purchases
Inform the customer that by subscribing, they are agreeing to our terms of use and disclaimer. Tell them they can read these documents on our website by going to and clicking “Terms of Use and Disclaimer”.

Also, tell the customer that the subscription renews automatically, but there is no contract and they can cancel online or by phone anytime.

Note to Mendoza’s: After submitting a subscription order online, you may get a “redirect loop” error. This is not a big deal. The payment has actually processed and the subscription has been created. If this happens, just go back to for the next customer. Ask Jerry if you are confused about this or if you have any questions about processing the subscriptions.

FTM Insider – Monthly for $19.95 (Checkout Here)

FTM Insider – Annual for $199.95 (Checkout Here)

Market Barometer – Annual for $49.95 (Checkout Here)

Market Barometer – Monthly for $4.95 (Checkout Here)

Trigger Trade Pro (Pro Trader) – Monthly for $49.00 (Checkout Here)

Trigger Trade Pro (Pro Trader) – Annual for $499.95 (Checkout Here)

FTM Trader – Monthly for $9.95 (Checkout Here)

FTM Trader – Annual for $99.00 (Checkout Here)

Square Instructions
– Go to Register app

– Click Bankruptcy of Our Nation

– Change quantity if applicable

– Swipe card

– Enter email (if customer wants receipt via email)

Use the below link if we run out of books at the table:
Bankruptcy of Our Nation – $12 (Checkout Here)