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VIDEO: Bitcoin Tops $4,000; Volatility Plunges

Join Trading Coach, Jerry Robinson, for a discussion of the gargantuan performance of Bitcoin, despite its recent pullback, and an examination of developing news with potential to impact market sentiment.

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WEEKEND BRIEFING: Global Stocks Tumble On Rising Nuclear Tensions

As rumors of war rage between the U.S. and North Korea and as cross-border tensions between China and India soar, overvalued stock markets induced by historically low interest rates appear defenseless against a sudden negative flashpoint. Read our full analysis here

VIDEO: Rumors of War Shake Global Market Rally

Join Trading Coach, Jerry Robinson, for an analysis of the shakeup in the market over erupting tension between the U.S. and North Korea. Later, Junior Trend Analyst Steve Penny shares compelling charts for the metals markets and solar stocks.

VIDEO: 20+ Stocks and ETFs To Watch

Join Trading Coach, Jerry Robinson, for an analysis of this S&P 500 monster rally, over 20 stocks and ETFs currently on his watchlist, and a crash course on the history of the NYSE and Dow.

Weekend Briefing

WEEKEND BRIEFING: Greenspan Warns U.S. Bond Bubble Near Collapse

In an interview with CNBC, Mr. Greenspan warned that because long-term bond interest rates have never been lower in U.S. history, there is only one direction for them to go next, and that is up. And when rates begin rising, their ascent “will be rather rapid.” Read our full analysis and get our latest stock/ETF uptrend alerts inside.

VIDEO: Four Benefits of Stock Trading

Join Trading Coach, Jerry Robinson, for an explanation of the recent Bitcoin split and how this event impacted the digital currency markets. Also, learn four distinct advantages of trading stocks.

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'Best Of' Podcast: Trade with the Smart Money

‘Best Of’ Podcast: Trade with the ‘Smart’ Money

In this special “best of” broadcast, we dip into the podcast archives in which Jerry Robinson outlines our proprietary SmartScore Ranking System, created to identify which stocks are capturing the “smart” money. Later, a highly illuminating interview with American businessman and best-selling author, Robert Kyosaki.

PODCAST: Strategic Relocation: Tips For Getting “Off the Grid”

In 2012, Jerry Robinson uprooted his family from one of the largest U.S. cities to move into a sparsely populated rural area in the rugged Boston Mountains. In this podcast, listen as Jerry shares his hands-on insights for those with an irrepressible desire to leave the city for strategic relocation purposes.

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