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Jay Peroni

Jay Peroni, CFP, shares his five favorite winter weather stocks. Plus, a year-end financial checklist.

We are making a few end of the year trades in the P.A.C.E. Portfolio. Here are the changes you need to know…

Jay Peroni, CFP, shares how to keep your values at the center of your investment portfolio. Plus, some year-end tax harvesting strategies for stock investors.

Jay Peroni, CFP, shares how to build a $50,000 portfolio and gives us a look at 20 financially sound stocks. Plus, what women should know about investing.

Jay Peroni, CFP, discusses America’s retirement situation and gives the five fastest-growing sectors of the economy, along with 12 stocks well-positioned for potential gains.

Jay Peroni, CFP, discusses how to prepare for retirement, explains how he finds stocks on sale, and shares 15 attractively priced stocks.

The strong U.S. dollar is hurting our commodity and precious metal positions within the P.A.C.E. Portfolio. Here are the buy and sell actions we are taking today to reduce downside risk.

Jay Peroni tells why stocks will continue to rise, why you should buy the dips, and gives five well-positioned stocks for the rest of this year and next. Are you ready for a year-end rally?

Jay Peroni, CFP, provides his view on the market and whether it has recently bottomed. He also gives you 7 Fall Financial Reminders to complete before year’s end.

Jay Peroni, CFP, discusses how to deal with wild stock market swings and explains his unique strategy to invest in the nation of Israel.

In the P.A.C.E. Portfolio, we are cutting loose some of our weaker positions and adding four positions we believe will perform better in the current environment.

With a massive market sell-off, should you still be buying? Jay Peroni, CFP, shares 10 oversold stocks that are poised to bounce higher.

Jay Peroni, CFP, shares how to survive a market sell-off and not lose money. Plus, Jay reveals his favorite fourth quarter stocks.

Jay Peroni, CFP, shares how to find a great financial advisor using three important traits. Plus, discover seven tech stocks on the cutting edge of their industry.

What should you do with a 401k from a previous job? Jay Peroni, CFP, answers this question, plus he shares his top five “healthy living” stocks.

Jay Peroni, CFP, shares investment rules and mistakes, and gives his top five Chinese stock picks with immediate investing potential.

Jay Peroni

by Jay Peroni on September 10, 2014

Certified Financial Planner (CFP®)/FTMDaily Investment Analyst

Jay Peroni, CFP, demonstrates his “Proud to Own” process in action, busts 7 retirement myths, and shares 3 forever stocks.

Jay Peroni, CFP, shares his favorite retail stocks, and answers an important reader question about things to consider when thinking about retiring.

Jay Peroni, CFP, gives his top 10 stocks for the next 12-18 months using his “Proud To Own” process. Plus, Jay provides seven oil and gas pipeline companies worth a second look.

Whatever sectors the Baby Boomers touch are likely to outperform the rest of the economy. Jay Peroni, CFP, shares 5 ways to capitalize on this trend.

Though I get a ton of questions on the topic, today I want to discuss the questions that aren’t getting asked. These are the questions every person should be asking about retirement.

REITs, MLPs, and two other creative ways to get more income in your portfolio. Jay Peroni, CFP, shares his investment strategies in this new weekly podcast.

This Health Care Company Is Crushing the Competition With Its Innovation

This life sciences company faces an impressive growth opportunity in the years ahead.

My Favorite Way to Play the U.S Energy Revolution

Are you missing out on some of the exciting things happening in the energy sector?

Could This Irreplaceable Asset Stock Survive the Collapse of the Dollar?

This category of stocks may indeed be able to withstand the financially devastating effects of a U.S. dollar collapse.

Bargain Priced Stock Up 500% Since 2012

Sometimes turn around stocks offer great long-term appeal but often there are great risks.

3 Rising Dividend Stocks to Consider

The market has shifted its appetite from high-flying growth stocks to more stable dividend paying companies.

3 Cheap Growth Stocks to Consider

The PEG ratio is not an end all solution, but we have used it to help us find three attractively priced growth stocks that could help your portfolio outperform the markets over the long-haul.

Defensive Food Stock Offers 4% Dividend

This diversified food company has many leading brands and the ability to survive the ups and downs of the market.

3 High-Yielding Stocks Worth a Closer Look

Utility stocks, REITS, and MLPs can offer a conservative way to get more income without sacrificing growth potential.

Led by increased production of both shale oil and shale gas, the U.S. is finally reversing an energy production decline that spanned at least 35 years.

Jay Peroni Post - 4/10/2014

This fast growing innovative company gives investors 5 strong reasons to consider investing in its future.

A Way to Profit from China’s Rising Middle Class

Over my nearly two decades as an investor, Jay Peroni, CFP, has made many profitable investments simply by following what’s going on in the world… just by following the trends.

How A Little Known Indicator Can Help Boost Your Portfolio Returns

Investors look for easy ways to beat the market, yet most of them significantly underperform the benchmarks. Why?

Supporting Israel with Your Investment Dollars

The Genesis 12 Portfolio strategy is based on Genesis 12:3 and consists of twelve companies based in Israel that have met our moral and financial criteria.

Profiting from the Non-GMO Food Trend

A number of companies that focus on healthier foods did quite well in 2013 and this trend should continue throughout 2014 and beyond.

Airline Stock Appears Ready For Take Off

Many investors have overlooked the travel industry and are missing out some nice gains. Airline stocks have had a good run recently and I expect that trend to continue…

A 'Green' Stock With Strong Potential

Last year Jay Peroni’s Green Science and Technology strategy was up 68% and was his top portfolio. Here’s a new ‘green’ stock that shows great upside potential.

How Can an Oven Maker Help Your Portfolio in 2014?

Middleby (MIDD) should continue to see significant market share gains over the next couple of years and beyond.

This Boring Company is up almost 100% this year!

Hanesbrands (NYSE:HBI) is truly a world dominating company. It has had a good run the past few years and I expect that trend to continue as it has great exposure in Wal-Marts and Targets.

This Highly Innovative Recreation Company Should be Popular for Christmas!

This innovative recreation company has thrived while many of its peers have seen slumping sales.

2014 Tax Changes: What You Should Know

Today, we examine some of the new IRS guidelines and 2014 tax changes.

Is Now the Time to Buy Tesla Motors?

Despite decent earnings, Tesla’s future outlook has investors concerned. Is now a good time to buy?

Don’t Miss Out on China’s Comeback!

When I look at China, I see attractive valuations.

Profiting from the Chinese Stock Panic

Is the recent Chinese tech sell-off overdone or warranted? Better yet, how can we potentially profit from the uncertainty?   by Jay Peroni, CFP® If you have been watching the financial news the past week or so, you may have noticed the huge sell-off in Chinese stocks, particularly those in the high-tech world. First, there was […]

A Unique Way to Play the Rebound in Gold

This little known Canadian company provides exposure to rising gold prices and allows investors to pocket healthy dividend payments along the way.

Are You Ready to Retire?

Many workers are delaying retirement because of rising longevity, economic uncertainty, and a lack of adequate retirement savings.

New Tech Stock to Watch: Microchip Technology

Microchip has produced nearly 14% in annual returns for the past 15 years.

Is this Government Shutdown Different from the Last?

The bottom line is the recent market pullback could present a good buying opportunity for investors with an appetite for risk. No one truly knows what’s next for the markets. But if history is our guide, the markets should rebound nicely.