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Economic Crisis

In 2006, FTMDaily.com founder, Jerry Robinson, predicted the 2008 financial crisis. Since then, FTMDaily has been an authoritative online voice on the topic of the ongoing global economic crisis.

Here are some of the main topics that we cover related to the economic crisis:


The ‘Economic Crisis’ Master Archive

On today’s podcast, economist Jerry Robinson shares his unique insights on the U.S. stock market and America’s ongoing economic issues.

Jerry Robinson explains fiat currency in less than 2 minutes.

U.S. tax preparation giant, H&R Block, recently conducted a study into how a college student’s choice of a major impacts their paycheck.

Another step has been taken toward the end of the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency, thanks to a major gas deal.

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Congress should end the most regressive of all taxes, the inflation tax, by ending the Federal Reserve.

We know that the Fed’s inflationary monetary policy continues to reap profits for Wall Street while impoverishing Main Street. One hundred years is long enough. End the Fed.

Auditing and ending the Fed, and allowing Americans to use the currency of their choice, must be a priority for anyone serious about restoring peace, prosperity, and liberty.

One of the least discussed, but potentially most significant, provisions in President Obama’s budget is the use of the “chained consumer price index” (chained CPI), to measure the effect of inflation on people’s standard of living.

A failure to increase government’s borrowing authority would not lead to a default any more that an individual’s failure to get a credit card limit increase in would mean they would have to declare bankruptcy.

Fitch Ratings-New York/London-15 October 2013: Fitch Ratings has placed the United States of America’s (U.S.) ‘AAA’ Long-term foreign and local currency Issuer Default Ratings (IDRs) on Rating Watch Negative (RWN). The ratings of all outstanding U.S. sovereign debt securities have also been placed on RWN, as has the U.S. Short-term foreign currency rating of ‘F1+’. […]

The future of the US economy with Chairman Yellen at the helm is grim indeed.

The main proponents of this bill are large retailers and established Internet businesses.

The economy works like a simple machine. But many people don’t understand it. Ray Dalio attempts to explain the entire economy in just 30 minutes.

Perhaps calling New York, California, or Washington, DC home made sense during your working years. Now that you are reaching retirement, your priorities have likely changed.

For those who understand the insidious nature of America’s global petrodollar scheme, the Congressional retaliation at Iran’s insistence on selling its oil in currencies outside of the U.S. dollar is no surprise.

Syrian President, Bashar Al-Assad has just issued a grim decree that outlaws the use of all foreign currency, including the U.S. dollar, in commercial transactions.

California is teeters on the edge of insolvency amid crushing unfunded pension obligations, outrageously high taxes, and the fleeing of corporations.

The Republican Guide to the Debt Ceiling Debate

Confused about the recent debt ceiling debate? Let Jerry’s satirical piece be your guide.

America Distracted by Cheap Money as World War 3 Looms

As Bernanke blows bubbles, and Americans obsess over racial tensions, the rest of the world is preparing for war.

Reader Question: Should I Buy Term or Cash Value Life Insurance?

There are many good reasons to buy life insurance, but the reason you are buying it will help you determine whether you should buy term insurance or permanent life insurance and also how much life insurance you should have.

UK, China Sign Historic $33 Billion Currency Swap

The Yuan enters the big leagues as it secures its first currency deal with a G-7 country.

The average student debt for 25 year-olds nearly doubled in the last nine years. We haven’t even begun to see the long-term effects of this crisis.

We are certainly not in a recovery. We don’t see the long unemployment and soup kitchen lines like in the Great Depression, but that’s just because the lines are electronic now.

“This whole thing is a house of cards…”

LBJ War on Poverty in USA

With 50 million Americans living in poverty and over 1 million homeless U.S. public school students, it’s time for a new strategy.

Japan Announces Historic Amount of Monetary Stimulus

The Japanese people should demand that the banksters stop destroying their economy and focus on real growth opportunities instead of chasing paper illusions.

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A U.S. bankruptcy judge has officially accepted a Chapter 9 bankruptcy application from the city of Stockton, California.

One Way to Profit From the Future Trends in Healthcare

Given the future trends of healthcare, investors should be looking for the highest quality healthcare stocks with the brightest future. Here’s one stock to consider.

Neither party’s budget reduces spending…

The debate over the federal budget and even the battle over the Federal Reserve are ultimately arguments over symptoms rather than the cause.

Despite the alarm over cuts that are not real cuts, it is clear that the US government is not serious at all about changing its ways.

When dealing with a volatile market, sometimes the most difficult challenge is to manage your emotions.

Since people are living longer today, the greatest fear that most retirees have is the fear that they will outlive their assets.

The Writing is on the Wall for the U.S. Dollar

On this week’s show, Jerry discusses why the U.S. dollar will continue to face difficult times ahead plus how you can break the paycheck to paycheck cycle.

Despite media reports warning of the impending payroll tax increase, many Americans were caught off guard when they received their first paychecks in 2013.

America's Retirement Crisis Just Got Worse | FTMDaily.com

“After conducting a grand experiment of consistent deficit spending with a completely worthless fiat currency, the colossal economic failure created by our nation’s policymakers will simply be spectacular.”

Listen as Jerry Robinson discusses the economy and his latest book, Bankruptcy of our Nation, with popular talk radio show host, Michael Savage.

Watch Jerry Robinson on Glenn Beck’s TV network…

Our Desperate Bankrupt Nation | Follow the Money Daily

The house of cards that Washington has built will eventually collapse under the weight of time…

German Gold Repatriation 101: Interview with Economist Jerry Robinson

Get the details on the recent German Gold Repatriation with Economist Jerry Robinson.

If you haven’t noticed, the education system in America is in crisis mode. Take a look at the shocking statistics.

Are We On the Eve of the Next Civil War?

What happened to America? How did a nation that was so prosperous and so unique in its approach to government end up completely bankrupt and run by tyrants?

The Fiscal Cliff Circus | FTMDaily.com

Words simply fail to describe the ineptitude of the Washingtonites…

Reframing the Economic Crisis: Streaming Video Presentation with Jerry Robinson

Here’s Jerry’s latest video presentation on the economic crisis along with his best investing and income ideas. Get the instant video download now for only $4.95!

However, for those who cannot self-insure or who do not want to rely on the government, family or friends for your long term care needs, long term care insurance can be a wise solution.

Jerry Robinson's Daily News Highlights

Here are the headlines that we are reading today.

Jerry Robinson's Daily News Highlights

Here’s a handful of headlines that you probably did not hear today in the mainstream press.

Many timing services are indicating that gold and silver are breaking out. We expect both metals to move much higher by the end of the year.