CHART: This Industrial Metal Just Had its Best Week in Two Years

Watch for prices to break above this key level...

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Currency Ratings Report – May 2015 Update (PDF)

Here's our latest subscriber-only PDF report detailing our favorite currencies in May 2015.

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LIVE WEBINAR: 2015 Precious Metals Investor Update (Register Now)

Join us this Wednesday at 12pm CST for a free live webcast on precious metals investing with Tom Cloud. Reserve your seat now.

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CHART: The Evolution of Big Tech

Some of us are old enough to remember the clunky old IBM computers that used to hog our desks.

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Gold Up This Week Amid Low GDP

Tom Cloud, precious metals expert, says gold prices are up $25 this week after news of a low GDP for the last quarter. Also affecting precious metals prices is news from Greece and China.

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Here’s a Creative Way to Invest in Emerging Market Currencies

Are you wanting to gain exposure to emerging market currencies without the risk of loss? If so, check this out.

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CHART: Chinese Stock Investors Just Did Something Mind-Blowing

Shanghai stocks are soaring...

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This Chart Shows the Perfect Example of a Short Squeeze

Learn what a "short squeeze" is and how to spot one before it happens...

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TOM CLOUD: Gold Markets Focus On Greece

What will happen to gold prices if Greece exits the EU?

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CHART: S&P 500 is 20-50% Overvalued

U.S. stocks are historically expensive and will eventually return to fair value.

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VIDEO: Learn 14 ETFs That Will Soar During The Next Stock Market Crash

In this special Pro Trader video training, you will learn the same ETFs we use to profit in a bear market.

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CHART: First China A-Shares 2X Leveraged ETF Hits the Market

China stock market fever strikes Wall Street...

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TOM CLOUD: Silver Gains Expected This Year

We expect to see at least 20% gains for silver in 2015...

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CHART: Where Silver Prices Could Go Next

Silver prices are "cheap" relative to where they will be a few years from now.

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CHART: PetroChina Overtakes ExxonMobil as World’s Largest Oil Company

It's official... China's state-controlled oil company, PetroChina, is now the world's largest oil company.

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Tom Cloud: Chinese Gold Demand is Unstoppable

In this week's Precious Metals Market Update, Tom Cloud explains why China will continue to drive gold prices higher.

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CHART: Commercial Real Estate Values Up 87% Since 2009 Bottom

Commercial property values continue to appreciate amid historically low interest-rate levels.

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PODCAST: An Update on the Dollar, Gold, and the Future of Solar Energy

On today's broadcast, we provide a major update on the unfolding global economic crisis.

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CHART: Our China Trade is Up 62% in 5 Months

Just as we predicted, Chinese stocks are soaring in 2015.

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Doug Casey: Signs of a Resource Sector Bottom

The prudence of owning precious metals is more paramount than ever.

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CHART: Despite Growing Weakness, U.S. Stocks End Q1 in Positive Territory

Financial media cheerleads U.S. stocks higher as crash increasingly appears imminent.

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CHART: Goldman Sachs Warns World Has 20 Years Left of Minable Gold

The top investment bank confirms that the world has only 20 years left of "minable" reserves of gold, diamonds, and zinc.

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CHART: U.S. Home Price Growth Briskly Outpaces Wage Growth

Those who own affordable housing, at low fixed interest rates, should continue to prosper in the months and years ahead.

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CHART: Oil Poised to Rise Against All Odds as Mideast Goes Up in Flames

If oil prices pop in the coming days, it won't be based on economic fundamentals.

The New London Gold Fix and China

Tom Cloud provides an important update on the gold and silver markets...

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CHART: The Three Most Popular Trading Styles

So, what style of trader are you?

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CHART: Understanding Basic Trend Movements

A trend is meaningless without a point of origin.

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CHART: All Markets Move in One of Three Possible Directions

Every trader needs a trend to make money in the markets.

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U.S. Gold Volume Expected To Stay Low

Tom Cloud, precious metals expert, says while gold prices are hovering between $1,143 and $1,180, volume is expected to stay low. Many investors are waiting to buy or sell.

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CHART: Alibaba Shares Sag After Spectacular IPO as Shares Set to Double

The price of this Chinese e-commerce giant is likely to fall even further in the days ahead...

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CHART: This Apple Chipmaker is Up 60% Since November — And Just Keeps Going

And based upon the stock's current price and volume data, it appears that this stock still has even more room left to the upside!

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SPECIAL OFFER: Get Our Daily Trading Idea by Email or Text

If you are looking for profitable daily stock trading ideas, look no further...

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CHART: As Euro Plunges, European Stocks Soar

Although the ECB is just now cranking up the printing press, savvy investors have already taken their positions several months ago, in anticipation.

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Why Gold Will Benefit From U.S. Treasury Bond Sell-off

Tom Cloud, precious metals expert, shares how gold, which is at bargain prices, stands to benefit from a sell-off of U.S. Treasury bonds.

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PODCAST: Could the Apple Watch Usher in a Cashless Society?

On today's podcast, Jerry Robinson explains how the Apple Watch brings us one step closer to a cashless society.

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CHART: Massive Selling Volume Strikes U.S. Stocks in Final Minutes of Trading

Today was officially the worst day for U.S. stocks so far in 2015.

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CHART: What’s Up with the U.S. Dollar?

Let me show you how to profit from the crazy world of global currencies...

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Palladium Spikes on Latest China Interest Rate Move

Lower interest rates in China are great news for palladium investors. Plus, how the new iWatch will affect gold prices.

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CHART: NASDAQ Hits 5,000 For First Time in 15 Years

Congratulations America! It only took 15 years to make your money back from Wall Street.

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PODCAST: Buy and Hold is Dead

On today’s show, economist and founder Jerry Robinson shares some of the major moves he is making with his own investments as the stock market reaches new highs. Since December of 2009, Jerry has been riding the uptrend in U.S. stocks higher.

However, at the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015, Jerry […]

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