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Topics Covered on this video conference call (in order)

  • Understanding Trends and Trendlines – A Lesson from a Veteran Trader.
    • Fundamental vs. Technical Analysis
    • 3 Assumptions of Technical Analysis
    • Understanding trends in stock prices
    • Identifying a trendline on a chart
    • How to use the three timeframes when identifying trends
    • How to forecast stock movements with trendlines

Member Questions Answered on Today’s Video

  1. What are your thoughts on Twitter’s (TWTR) jump in price this morning?
  2. How do you create the trendlines on the chart in Trigger Trade Pro?
  3. How do you determine the most you would pay for a stock (max buy price)?
  4. What, in your opinion, will be the impetus for water stocks to break out?
  5. I have a January put on Deutsche Bank AG (DB). I sold half of my shares for 50% profit. Do you think it’s time to cash in the rest?
  6. I am considering a long-term put on Capital One (COF). Can you provide your thoughts on this potential trade?
  7. Do you track Mobileye (MBLY) in your SmartScore Ranking system? If so, what are your thoughts on this company as a potential trade?


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